Sunday, April 21, 2013

Reveal V 1.0

Whew. Three weeks into our home re-do, I officially feel sorry for  house flippers. Why the rush, who knows.

The kitchen and dining room are at 95% completion lacking only a bit more decor. Our theme--"Go Bold or Grow Old".





The wall color is Valspar's "Tidal Teal". Or what I call "Cancun On A Budget". The time killer--every door/window trim and base board was brown and the ceiling required 3 coats of white paint sans popcorn.

Here is the link for you DIY'ers for the farm table. This thing was so easy it did not make "Carpentry for Dummies", more like "Lumber for the Dumber". If I can make one and still count ten fingers, anyone can do it. Simple yes, but still about 8 hours of labor.

Only a few alterations we made: 1) White-washed it, essentially rubbing white paint on it with a rag to give it a rustic appearancce and then topped with 3 coats of PolyCrylic. 2) Legs are 4x4s rather than suggested 2x4s to give it a more robust look. 3) Length was changed to 7ft. The 8 ft. recommended was big enough to feed Uncle Si and all of his Vietnam veteran friends.

The five chairs found at 3 different garage sales, all originally simple wood. The two on the right await seat cushions, hence the bottom-less photo.

The curtains are from Ikea. What is it with that place--like a NASCAR for shopping carts with no pit area. Oh, and also put it on your "Places To Never Go To On A Sunday" list. The lime green shelf is from Teri's grandma on her mom's side.

In other news:

This is Teri's new car. The manufacturer calls it a Mazda 2 hatchback, I call it a Hybrid--a cross between a metro pickup and a comfortable ATV. I was nervous bringing home four 80 lb. bags of QuikCrete in it. Yes, the used pickup hunt is still on and has reached desperation stage. It's hard to walk home 8 foot sections of lumber that I need for the chicken coop.

Our house has a walking score of 100%. (Teri is in to teal. I kid.)
  •             Hardware store: 4 mins 30 secs
  •             El Rancho Mexican Restaurant: 4 mins 30 secs
  •             HEB grocery store: 5 mins
  •             Whataburger: 5 mins 30 secs
  •             Library: 9 mins (for Teri, I don't read anything printed on paper) 

 The RV has yet to sell. Arrgghh.

The Vector in Flip Flop Vector is alive and well. Totally enjoyed volunteering for two days last weekend at the Bluebonnet Festival Airshow in our hometown with a B17 the star of the show.

Next reveal: Living Room.It's about 80% complete. Til next time...oh, and the new King size bed--a dream machine!


  1. Love, love, love the bright colors! I am always so inspired by y'all!

  2. I love color, and that's a great farm table. I always look at the "walk score" of towns when looking at real estate ads. Not too many are at 100%.

  3. SWEET....Tel Ms. Aqua girl I LIKE!!! That dining room is a far cry from what it was...what are those on the original wall...peacocks?! Nice job on the table!!! Glad your settling in....hopefully take some free time for some LONG walks. Love walking neighborhoods...

  4. Amazing how paint can make such huge changes. I love the color. Cool table also. Life is good for you with a Mexican restaurant and El Rancho Mexican Restaurant, Whataburger, and HEB that close. In Texas those are your staples. For you guys, I hope the RV sells.

  5. Looks like a great location to be able to walk to all the "necessities" of life. Your town is twice the size of mine but I live "outside' of town. Nice job on your house and remodeling, I'll follow along.

    My blog is back at:

    I didn't want to pay GoDaddy $80 redemption fee for my old domain :)