Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Post

Sometimes you simply run out of titles for a new post...deal.

A little more than a year ago, we spent a week at the Riverview Rv Park on the Big Thompson River west of Loveland, CO. Here was our post where we shared some pictures.

In the below YouTube video you will see what it looks like now after the Colorado floods struck the campground. You enter the park off the main road immediately crossing on a small bridge and then into the park. Who would have known how handy a bumper mounted outboard boat motor would have been. They remain closed.

In other RV news, I am still keeping my ties with the rv world by helping out an on-line acquaintance he gave us a wealth of free knowledge over at RV.net. He has decided to go in business offering up his skills as a mobile rv repair tech in the Shreveport, La. If you are ever in the area, you can look up Chris at his website which I developed to help kick-start his operation.

Photo: Oh how fitting after my earlier post this week on DeathCare. Wolah, what greets us y'day in the mail--her new AETNA rate change. My 52 year old  wife, with Aetna for  2 yrs, 0 claims, 0 medical conditions, gets a rate change from $213 to $475 mo with a $5500 deductible---that my FB libs is a 123% increase thanks to your AFFORDABLE Care Act....I think  she will pass on what is now $11,000 when u add premium/deductible and she will opt for a Christian health care ministry--1/5 the cost, $300 deductible, she picks her care provider...the rest of u enjoy Error404Care....
Excuse me while I mount my soapbox. Yes, what you are seeing is correct--with no previous history or  claims, AETNA, due to the Affordable Care Act Unaffordable, Less Care Act, would like to raise Teri's rates by a mere 123%. "The average family will see a reduction in annual premiums of $2500"--what happened to that campaign promise? 

Only a 2 brain-celled voter could have believed it--how could  you mandate insurance companies to keep up to 26 year olds on parents' policies, force everyone to  pay for certain coverages (i.e, maternity, although that tunnel is closed for us), eliminate maximum coverage caps and take everyone with pre-existing conditions AND EXPECT YOUR PREMIUMS TO GO DOWN?? Oh, and how about that boondoggle of a website, Error404Care, where your wait time  to log in will only be exceeded by your doctor's wait time under Obamacare. Now voters, I  suggest you go and hide that GED plaque hanging on your wall.

"But, but Dave, you get free preventative care". OK, since liberal arts majors never take a math class, let me help you out--$475 mo x 12= $5700, not to mention $5,500 deductible to go with it. Now, care to define "free" for me? In Austin, you can get a wellness check for $40 and basic lab work for $10 at the Austin Medical Clinic. "Oh Dave, but some cancer screenings are free, like mammograms". The national average cost for a mammogram for those without insurance is $250. FordPintoCare is an epic disaster, regardless of how you try to couch your argument. The last I saw only 39% approved of the legislation and that was prior to the Fred Flintstone of a website being launched, but yet we have a President who insists on riding the Obamcare rocket straight into the ground.

Finally, I love traversing liberal websites who are now personally facing this sticker shock with a common theme to  their comments-- "Uh, I really did want to see more people get health insurance but I didn't realize I had to be the one paying for it". It really is  comedy gold to see their reaction when their unicorn bucks them out of the saddle and they land butt first on their checking account.

End of rant. Now if I can just step down from my soap box without injuring myself.

Speaking of finances, how about this logic. Our credit score is 840 on a scale of 1-850, but we have very poor debt--LOL. Uhhhh--no, those who are poor are often loaded with debt. Their  rating service must be based out of Washington, DC. But, Credit Sesame will provide you with a free credit report without any strings attached if you want to take a look here.

Ahhh, Sadie with her new besty-1 1/2 yr old daughter of new owner. I might get to see her this Friday.

If you like read a more soothing post on what is going on in our lives, you can always go to Teri's blog.

End of new post.