$$$ On The Road

There are many creative ways to generate income while on the gypsy highway. Many full-timers Work-camp where they perform duties at a campground in exchange for a few perks such as campground fees, utilities and perhaps even earning a small stipend. There are the techno-gurus who manage to perform their work remotely using an internet connection as their employer allows this strategy, many who are developers, writers, editors, bloggers, etc. There are some who sell products thru affiliation with Amazon or they market their own e-commerce gadgets and widgets.

We are believers in "patchwork" income--several small businesses combining to produce sustainable income. Here is what we do:

Don't have a Craigslist account but want to list an item? Have a Craigslist account but don't have the time or desire to create a professional template? Want to go above and beyond a create a dedicated website for your RV, automobile, home, etc? We will produce your ad to sell your big ticket items. You complete a couple of simple steps and we do the rest! Click here for the details!

We of the simpleton life have some other options, all be it only producing modest income. We own Simplici-T Soaps, named after my lovely, and may I say very clean wife, Teri. We produce our very own soap right from the confines of our 5th wheeler. Here is a link to our site where you can order.

Over the passed 5 years, we have sold over 4,000 items on Ebay with a 100% customer satisfaction rating. Our niche has been with sporting apparel, with the likes of Under Armour, Nike, Adidas, North Face and Columbia. We find deeply discounted merchandise, used and new, and pass along the savings to you. This can be a seasonal effort based upon availability, so we may not always be displaying active sales. Check out our link for active items.