Tuesday, March 26, 2013

All Kinds of Candles!

...or to us, our one year anniRVersary! We made it surviving together in 185 square feet.

One year  ago today, this was my birthday present. Clyde the Ride sold yesterday to it's first looker, another couple our age just joining the RV ranks. They drove over 175 miles just to grab him. The 2008 Jayco Eagle awaits a buyer-- S T I L L.

Today, this square is driving a Nissan Cube, a rental car until we find a new to us ride.

An excellent birthday cake substitute--from GiGis Cupcakes, a nice, healthy dose of chocolate and caramel. Not to worry about the calorie intake, for the 13th straight year, I was able to finish a 5k course. But man, the love handles bouncing off the asphalt really does produce some serious chafing.

The number of folks who have found it over here in the past year, cheers!

 Guess what returns to the grocery shopping list in 3 days...

Three final days in the aluminum shack---with temps 20 degrees below normal. Of course.Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Well, one week from today, we hope to be writing out that large check for larger living. Other than it burning down, appears to be no obstacle to getting to closing in our fine small town of Burnet, TX, population 6,000.

How do you know when you are in a small town--when the online newspaper has a tab indicating "Obits" and when you select it, the drop-down option indicates "Pets". You can verify for yourself here.Would love to see a tribute like "In remembrance of Muffy, the family reminds you not to leave the bag of chocolate Oreo cookies next to the counter".

You can lay any doubt to rest that we will be moving near a couple sizable bodies of water. Above is a Craigslist link my adorable wife sent me as a hint. Maybe this will replace the RV adventure.

Speaking of Craigslist, we have loaded up in one week's time--dryer, dresser, lawn mower, king-size bed frame, two couches (story forthcoming), side chair, 2 side tables, kitchen table (no chairs, more fun sitting on floor) and a coffee table. Yes, we are the Upscale-R-Us storage unit.

Let's go to this week's Craigslist Missing Brain Cells' Listings of the Week:

Listed as "Chester Drawers". Glad to see he has stopped  his molesting behavior.

The only thing in the listing "Mens New Asics Tennis Shoes". Apparently, the seller had never heard the phrase "size matters".

Titled: guys coffee table top extends out - $100 (central austin) Very informative as I never knew how to tell the difference in sexes of coffee tables.

Unwanted Belly Fat? - Research Study 

Is there any other kind?

Once you get the agreement on an offer, then you have to battle this via text messaging:
Me: "Thanks. Let me know a day, time and address where I can pick it up".
Response: "Work til 5".
What I wanted to reply: "I now have a 1st Place Trophy inscribed with MOST VAGUE CRAIGSLIST RESPONSE-2013 that I will bring over to you".




Perhaps brain-cell loss is contagious. Nothing like buying 2 full-sized couches in 2 days and not being able to sell the first one. The 2nd one was way more eclectic ( I will spot you "lime green", you will have to wait for the reveal) so we decided to keep it and sell this one.

Guess who gets to play electrician the day we  move in? Yup, dryer bought is 4 prong, older house is 3 prong. Yes, you  can work on my obit "In remembrance of Dave, the family asks that you seek a professional electrician when working around 220 volts".

The bathtub countdown continues: 7 days. My wife is hoping this is the dude that jumps out of the tub. Hummm, maybe that is why she bought the extra couch-- for me. She is thoughtful that way.

One journey nears an end, a new one about to begin...

Friday, March 15, 2013

Meeting Camerixans....

We have followed their journey for quite awhile, now we finally got to meet our virtual RV friends from Camerixco who host a blog called A Life Made Simple! Canada is their native land, Mexico has been their most current adventure and now they are back in America, all be it we think of Texas as our own country.

Teresa is as sweet as Texas tea. Cassia is their 3 year old whose blue eyes could  melt the Texas sun. And then there is Derek, the Mountain Dew incarnate. He may be the first recipient of a caffeinated pace maker. What energy and cheers to a Libertarian!

This is their motel on wheels. I SHAN'T ever complain that we in our 185 sq ft castle do not have enough room. They found such an abundance of space they decided to haul a  cat and their  large breed dog with them. Hey, that's  one way to create a tight family.

They leave the madness of Austin, Tx. (whose idea was it to have SouthxSouthwest, the Travis County rodeo and Spring break the same week) on a slow northward trek back to Canada crossing the border just as their green card reaches its final tick-tock. But, as 1,000 new daily arrivals into Austin will testify, they are enamored with this town and yearn to come back next year! Great meeting these fun folks and hearing about their journey through Mexico these past few months and comparing all three country's cultures. VERY INTERESTING! Blessings and safe travel.

This family makes number four of RV'ing bloggers we have met and they join the list which includes Jerry and Kim at Creating the Life, Scott and Debbie at Great Escape From New Jersey and Derek and Monica from Roadmap to Nomad!

As to the house with bricks, the inspection passed yesterday, well except for the 28 deficiencies, it is simply awesome! Gotta love the 70 year old country boy inspector who arrived 15 minutes before we did greeting us with "Buying  yourself a fixer-upper, are ya?". HUH! I  mean in 25 years of marriage, the only thing ever fixed up in our  house was Teri's hair and face back when she worked outside of  the home. 

The difficulty is a home inspector is tasked with grading a 40  year old home against current code. I think we concluded once the report was done we would each just take 12 hour shifts to  make sure we didn't sense the roof was about to cave in, the electric panel wasn't about to  become a BBQ pit and the foundation wasn't going to spill  into a sink hole. Might just see if Lassie is available for  a part-time gig. Ah heck, insurance is awesome. Moving in two weeks!

Spent all morning at garage sales. No one wanted to sell theirs.

Replacement vehicle hunting also continues, now almost 3 months. This was the truck I almost bought until the seller said it came with a flame thrower, but it wasn't hooked up. I thought I could solve the distracted cell phone driver issue that irks me. Oh well..

And finally, our RV and Truck made it onto Craigslist last night. Time to go study Nigerian shipping rates and the intricacies of Western Union payments.

The RV journey continues.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Eggscuse Me!

Well, after 3 months of mastering fickleness, we have decided the concrete jungle was not to our liking. With a growth rate of 1,000 new residents a day arriving to the Austin metroplex, it was time for us to reevaluate. We have decided our straw hats have requested we return to the country. YEE-HAW. As of today, we have signed a contract to purchase a home just on the outskirts of Burnet, TX., a sleepy town of 6,000 denim wearers and about a 45 minute drive to the northwest of the capital city.

The only tease for now: it sits on an acre and has one of these---with 50 amps! Not for us, but for you readers who want get a taste of BBQ-ville.
Yup, our sellers are RV'ers, as well. Teri commented several times on our journey "wouldn't  it be cool if we ended up in a house that came with an RV pad". Ask. Receive. OH WAIT--STOP THE BLOG PRESSES. We were within a nano-second of having all 9 parties involved in this transaction finalized, including this blog draft started 1hr prior to our realtor sending us over the HOA details. Seeing they were "voluntary" and $35 per year, I decided to peruse them. "No poultry"--that's right, 1 acre in the country, and feathered lay-dies are not allowed--are you kidding? We waddled away probably leaving the other 7 players in disbelief. So, we opted for a 1/4 acre property in town where hens are permitted. Made an offer, they accepted, we close in a few weeks, probably just a few days shy of our 1 year anniRVersary.

Sorry RV'ers, you  can put your RV in storage and come sleep with us for a couple  of nights. We will probably have to charge you for hot water use that extends beyond 3 minutes as we don't want you to overstay your visit.

The house is  mid-70s in awesome condition, including a glittered-sprinkled popcorn ceiling, something I am very satisfied with as searching "disco ball" on Craigslist was fruitless. As RV'ers who sold it all, we have begun our search of replenishing. We picked up 3 furniture pieces yesterday from the Travolta collection. The ONLY thing we will buy new is our king sized bed. No worries visitors, we will  have our exterminator shoot a lil spray on the guest bedroom mattress before you arrive. We are caring like that.

We close in less than 3 weeks and I am already working on my swan dive technique into a hot soaking bath tub. Teri also posted more details today HERE. We will share before/after here in the next six weeks or so.

I guess since I now have a permanent address, I can now search for a local job. Even though I don't "have to-have to" go back to work, I "want to-want to". My wife wants me to, also, cause she wants me to be happy. Or something.I don't want to say she is rushing me, but I think she is quietly Pinning "Husband Work Lunches".

As to specific work type, I thought I was pretty open minded, so I began scanning Craigslist. Here are some opportunities that arose:
  • Semen donor- I think I am too old for the Navy
  • Egg donor- I will  have  a chat with our hens
  • Diarrhea/IBS Clinical Research Participants- Pooping on command not a forte'
  • Lice Removal Technician- It's been posted a few times, possibly little interest
  • European Wax Center Assistantsounded more to my liking. I enjoy detailing my cars and what could be more fun than polishing up the Euro likes of BMWs, Mercedes and Lamborghini. HUH? Hair removal? THERE? WHY? Maybe if the Lice Salon can’t solve it, the Wax Center can--now there is a franchise idea.
So, I remain funemployed. 

Gotta run, the mild 3 months of Austin living is about to turn into 3 weeks of a wild transition, including selling an RV and a truck. OH, and have to make a decision on whether to continue blogging. And on what kind of puppy I want. And figuring out  how to adjust to uninterrupted Internet. And a privacy fence to work on my waxing techniques.

The journey continues as we mark off our 340th day of full-time RV'ing.