Monday, July 22, 2013

Sadie minus the Lady

A week's respite as Brynn was occupying her Grandma and Grandpa's time 50 miles from us this past week. We had a chance to catch our breath and head back to Inks  Lake for a couple hours of kayaking by ourselves. It mapped out to be about 3.5 miles of shoulder exercise. We can never stay too long as the "missing the RV" regret-a-thon kicks in. But we did learn, absent an eight year old in the house, we had a bit more patience this past week for the Queen of Chewoslovakia.  So all you get this week is a doggy report. (Yes, I know, RV blogging was much easier).

We went with Sadie because "NoOffStopBitingQuitCleaningYourVagina" wouldn't quite fit on the name tag.

Ahhh, look who has to get chained up, even in a fenced backyard. If you can't read a Pyrenees eyes, I will translate--"Dad, I am sorry, but your kneecaps just look like USDA Prime T-bones".

At the cost of dog foods, vet bills and supplies, we had to sit her down and have a discussion. NoOffStopBitingQuitCleaningYourVagina Sadie was informed she needed to pitch in with the budget shortfalls and at least find part-time work. So far, these are the positions we have determined may be a fit:

Hotel valet.

Poultry processor for Tyson Foods.


Hair stylist---awesome  at unraveling French Braid.


Runway model sporting her new designer belt--she even asked if it made her butt look big--all woman.

We did the "child custody exchange" today and have Brynn back with us this afternoon. Hopefully, the weather forecast will hold true as we both would much rather be outside. Last week, a rare blessing for our drought stricken county, as we were showered with 7.75", in a month where we average less than 1.5"!

Brynn is a swimaholic now that she has the basic concepts down. On our drive to pick  her up, I asked Teri "will  the word "swimming" come out of her mouth today or tomorrow?" When we arrived to pick her up, Grandma told me during their car ride, Brynn asked "Do you think Uncle D will take me swimming today?" Question answered.

Summer continues to fly by. Our niece only has 3 weeks left. She may outlast the dog.

Until next time.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Summer of Fiestiness, Firsts and Favorites

(I apologize for the RSS feed issue as you may have missed the last 5 notifications--well, probably not truly missed in an emotional kind of way. Apparently, although they have my email address, Feedburner does not bother to notify you when your Blogspot feed size has reached its maximum. Hat tip to Google search combined with my Geeky son for solving it. I hope).

Well, we agreed to take in 2 females for the Summer and I guess we will count our blessings as one is perfectly well behaved. It's also nice she doesn't bite. As to the white, fluffy 4 legged Dame of Disobedience, the training curve appears to be a straight line. I am going to have to take her in for an MRI---thinking she has an inflamed ornery gland-- good grief!

Okay, I confess, we have one success training story. She goes and jingles the bells when she wants to go outside. Kudos to her as she has not had any type of accident in over a month, well, other than ripping one of the bells off the ringer which she barked was "accidental".

Our Great White Pyrenees Shark. Yes, she  is a biting machine, all  be it puppy type, still  not acceptable. So far, failed efforts include--- "NO", a shaker can, Bitter Apple spray in her face, time-out in her kennel, domination training where we hold her down, yelping like a litter mate and pinching her rib cage. I think all we have left on the list to try is a tranquilizer dart. If that proves unsuccessful, maybe getting her another animal "friend"-- I am thinking a mountain lion. And for  all  of  those who say  "she will grow out of it"--at the rate this is going, Teri and I will both be double  amputees.

 The 25 lb., 3 month old pup believes doggie beds are over rated.

She exits the house as a Great White Pyrenees and returns as a Chocolate Labrador. Between her and the 5 hens they could probably convert our backyard landscape to a garden plot in a couple of  days.

We have production! Our Texas hens are laying Rhode  Island sized eggs, hopefully to  increase in girth as they age. Only 3 of the 5 are delivering, but the first week they filled up an egg carton.

From Chicken Whisperer to Hen Hauler, Brynn has figured out how to get 3 of the laydies to submit to her. No drama, no coercing--they simply bow down when she is in their presence. Reminds me of what happens to me when my wife is around.

A day at Inks Lake State Park just hour northwest of Austin and 15 minutes from our doorstep. A GREAT RV campground for those visiting the area and for the first time since we sold our equipment, a slight feeling of regret. Funny enough as Brynn approached the shoreline, she started yelling "Uncle D, Uncle D, I see some gold flakes, now we can do some canning".

A little bow-high. I guess 50 lbs in front and 210 lbs in back isn't quite balanced, but Brynn held her own and paddled well. I do believe Teri and I found us a new favorite outdoor activity, what a blast spending an afternoon on Inks Lake in kayaks. An additional beauty is this is a rare "constant level" lake, unlike many in the area, which are now "former lakes".

From the homemade Arts&Crafts department, Brynn will now be tasked with "Keeping Littleton, CO. Weird"......

As we prepared to head out for her her first horseback ride ever, Brynn commented "I love my boot-cut jeans Uncle D". Huh? Guess you can take the girl out of the castle, but the Cinderella slippers have to come.

Cowgirl up! She told us,"This was a dream come true". Glad to make it happen for  her.

Best-Friends-R-Us. She thinks puppy loves her and Sadie thinks Brynn would look cute bald.

In other news.....

Excitement in our town is defined as Ricky and Bubba from A&E's "Storage Wars-Texas"coming to host an auction. To their credit, their good ole Texas gentleman traits remain with them as they were engaging, yet unassuming, with the 100 folks who attended.

Hard to believe our Princess Brynncess only has three weeks left of the Texas summer heat. We hand her off tomorrow to grandma and grandpa for a week followed by a night with her cousin who is our youngest son which she is phenomenally excited about. That will change quickly when she sees the contents of his refrigerator and pantry.

Til next time.