Monday, July 22, 2013

Sadie minus the Lady

A week's respite as Brynn was occupying her Grandma and Grandpa's time 50 miles from us this past week. We had a chance to catch our breath and head back to Inks  Lake for a couple hours of kayaking by ourselves. It mapped out to be about 3.5 miles of shoulder exercise. We can never stay too long as the "missing the RV" regret-a-thon kicks in. But we did learn, absent an eight year old in the house, we had a bit more patience this past week for the Queen of Chewoslovakia.  So all you get this week is a doggy report. (Yes, I know, RV blogging was much easier).

We went with Sadie because "NoOffStopBitingQuitCleaningYourVagina" wouldn't quite fit on the name tag.

Ahhh, look who has to get chained up, even in a fenced backyard. If you can't read a Pyrenees eyes, I will translate--"Dad, I am sorry, but your kneecaps just look like USDA Prime T-bones".

At the cost of dog foods, vet bills and supplies, we had to sit her down and have a discussion. NoOffStopBitingQuitCleaningYourVagina Sadie was informed she needed to pitch in with the budget shortfalls and at least find part-time work. So far, these are the positions we have determined may be a fit:

Hotel valet.

Poultry processor for Tyson Foods.


Hair stylist---awesome  at unraveling French Braid.


Runway model sporting her new designer belt--she even asked if it made her butt look big--all woman.

We did the "child custody exchange" today and have Brynn back with us this afternoon. Hopefully, the weather forecast will hold true as we both would much rather be outside. Last week, a rare blessing for our drought stricken county, as we were showered with 7.75", in a month where we average less than 1.5"!

Brynn is a swimaholic now that she has the basic concepts down. On our drive to pick  her up, I asked Teri "will  the word "swimming" come out of her mouth today or tomorrow?" When we arrived to pick her up, Grandma told me during their car ride, Brynn asked "Do you think Uncle D will take me swimming today?" Question answered.

Summer continues to fly by. Our niece only has 3 weeks left. She may outlast the dog.

Until next time.


  1. Seems like Sadie is bringing you almost as much excitement as the RV did. And the niece is keeping you young. They are both exhausting but wonderful it sounds like.

    1. Yup, David, perfectly wonderful,both, between 9pm and 6am...