Thursday, August 1, 2013

One Lady Ready To Leave, The Other Nearing Eviction

Yikes, August 1st--in Texas, places you don't want to be. In 2011, century-record heat for the area. We leave to "escape" it all in 2012 to experience--you guessed it--record heat in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois. So, we strategically pick a town this Summer to move to which is at 1,300 feet elevation, one of the highest anywhere near Austin, and are stuck with temps 7 degrees above normal nearing 100 for the past week and no relief in sight. Yes, I confess--spoiled by Denver summers has me yearning for a return June-September. We shall see.

Well, we are winding down the Summer with two extra females in the house, one who is getting ready to return to Denver. Yes, color  me jealous. The other dame is being placed on 30 day probation to determine if she enjoys a lifestyle  of AC and pampering or prefers to be herding goats on a farm where a pond is her only relief. While the pup is improving, she still  has a way to go. Let's see what else is up in Burn-it.

For her last 13 days, we let Brynn identify 14 things she wanted to do with us before leaving back to the Mile High City. Wash the car (scratched off)--LOL--kid is gonna make someone a nice hubby. With only 3 days left to go, we are pace to finish off her list.

Hiking the trails at Longhorn Caverns State Park. I have no idea why we didn't see any wildlife--guess a couple ladies missed the Camouflage attire memo.

Two months on Purina, "Miracle-Gro" flavor.

Who is up for redneck aquatics? Stuck her in a storage tub and jetted water at her as she ducked for cover. Note: White dog in background.

Note: Dirty dog in foreground.

Optical illusion--do you see:
1) A young woman
2) An old lady

Do you see:
1) An adorable puppy
2) The Devil

"Alex, I will take Texas Things Seldom Seen for $400". Late July in central Texas and our yard looks like this---without a drop of sprinkler water-WOW. Eight inches of the Lord's blessing had the mower coming out of the shed as well as mosquito spray--trade offs.

Yummy, who is up for BBQ'd chicken? I got distracted bathing the pup looking toward the ground when Brynn reported "Uncle D, I think the grill is smoking too much". SMOKING? It looked like Al Qaeda had dropped a rocket-propelled grenade on the pit--darn flammable marinade. Great excuse though to try out Whataburger's new Avocado & Bacon burger.

Perhaps this was our rain dancer who brought us good luck--working on a science project where you take a half full glass of water, seal it off with shaving cream, then pour blue food coloring through it--simulating rain. See, she did learn something this Summer. Well, except rain isn't blue.

She truly has been as angelic as this photo suggests. We will take her tubing on the Comal River on Monday and then off to spend her last few days with the grandparents awaiting her mom and 3 year old sister to arrive and whisk her away to Colorado just in time to purchase school supplies and clothes.

Send A/C freon. Til next time.


  1. How the heck did that cute little devil get so dirty...and guessing you spray painted the lawn :). Low 80's in Iowa...but bugs wouldn't know it. I vote Colorado next summer too!

    1. She played in the water with Brynn and believes drying off involves rolling into the ONE small area of dirt we have in the backyard.

  2. bhounds has left a new comment on your post

    When I was going through similar things with my bloodhound when she was a puppy, someone asked me why I didn't get rid of her. I replied, she will grow out of it eventually, she's a great dog but also if I keep her it will be the only way I can guarantee she will not in up in the dog pound. If I gave her to a different family, with what she was doing, they would be tempted to turn her into the dog pound. :)

    She is 5 yrs old now, has calmed down a lot as far as destroying things but still has that great funny bloodhound personality. For example, while I was mowing my yard last week, she was dragging my 1 pound bag of beef jerky off the kitchen island. By the time I finished the yard and saw the bag on the floor, she had eaten all of the jerky and licked out literally ever small piece of jerky. The back was completely clean. Of course by the way the 9 yr old basset was acting, I believe Winston also helped on the eating portion.

    Hang in there with your dog, she'll get better.

    1. Yeah Steve, we are trying to be patient, realizing she may improve once the 8 yr old departs, seems to need undivided attention :)

  3. Won't be coming anywhere near you as we pass by going south. We don't need another adorable white tornado to go with us. lol