Friday, March 15, 2013

Meeting Camerixans....

We have followed their journey for quite awhile, now we finally got to meet our virtual RV friends from Camerixco who host a blog called A Life Made Simple! Canada is their native land, Mexico has been their most current adventure and now they are back in America, all be it we think of Texas as our own country.

Teresa is as sweet as Texas tea. Cassia is their 3 year old whose blue eyes could  melt the Texas sun. And then there is Derek, the Mountain Dew incarnate. He may be the first recipient of a caffeinated pace maker. What energy and cheers to a Libertarian!

This is their motel on wheels. I SHAN'T ever complain that we in our 185 sq ft castle do not have enough room. They found such an abundance of space they decided to haul a  cat and their  large breed dog with them. Hey, that's  one way to create a tight family.

They leave the madness of Austin, Tx. (whose idea was it to have SouthxSouthwest, the Travis County rodeo and Spring break the same week) on a slow northward trek back to Canada crossing the border just as their green card reaches its final tick-tock. But, as 1,000 new daily arrivals into Austin will testify, they are enamored with this town and yearn to come back next year! Great meeting these fun folks and hearing about their journey through Mexico these past few months and comparing all three country's cultures. VERY INTERESTING! Blessings and safe travel.

This family makes number four of RV'ing bloggers we have met and they join the list which includes Jerry and Kim at Creating the Life, Scott and Debbie at Great Escape From New Jersey and Derek and Monica from Roadmap to Nomad!
As to the house with bricks, the inspection passed yesterday, well except for the 28 deficiencies, it is simply awesome! Gotta love the 70 year old country boy inspector who arrived 15 minutes before we did greeting us with "Buying  yourself a fixer-upper, are ya?". HUH! I  mean in 25 years of marriage, the only thing ever fixed up in our  house was Teri's hair and face back when she worked outside of  the home. 

The difficulty is a home inspector is tasked with grading a 40  year old home against current code. I think we concluded once the report was done we would each just take 12 hour shifts to  make sure we didn't sense the roof was about to cave in, the electric panel wasn't about to  become a BBQ pit and the foundation wasn't going to spill  into a sink hole. Might just see if Lassie is available for  a part-time gig. Ah heck, insurance is awesome. Moving in two weeks!

Spent all morning at garage sales. No one wanted to sell theirs.

Replacement vehicle hunting also continues, now almost 3 months. This was the truck I almost bought until the seller said it came with a flame thrower, but it wasn't hooked up. I thought I could solve the distracted cell phone driver issue that irks me. Oh well..

And finally, our RV and Truck made it onto Craigslist last night. Time to go study Nigerian shipping rates and the intricacies of Western Union payments.

The RV journey continues.


  1. Oh you Friday funny....I swear you have got to figure out how to make some money with your humor!!

    This one really got me:
    just take 12 hour shifts to make sure we didn't sense the roof was about to cave in, the electric panel wasn't about to become a BBQ pit and the foundation wasn't going to spill into a sink hole. Might just see if Lassie is available for a part-time gig.

    They need an RV trade off and on site...I'll give you all my kick a*# give me that huge RV :O

    1. I am not allowed anything with batteries or a cord, ,so nix a trade. But cash works well.

  2. Heyyyyyy David - how nice to have mentioned us! And pics too! Great photographer LOL

    Yup - funny as always! Great news about the house and good luck with the sale of the rig.

    Cj is right you really should be finding a way to make $$ with your humor and wit.

    Cheers, The Camerixans

  3. I swear those Nigerians paid me ten times the value for the furniture from our old house when I sold it on Craigslist! Kim warned me not sell to them but I told it was alright we're gonna make some extra cash on this deal!!!

    1. Yeah Jerry, dudes are loaded....have no idea why they still rate as a 3rd world country, clearly at least 2nd by now....