Tuesday, March 26, 2013

All Kinds of Candles!

...or to us, our one year anniRVersary! We made it surviving together in 185 square feet.

One year  ago today, this was my birthday present. Clyde the Ride sold yesterday to it's first looker, another couple our age just joining the RV ranks. They drove over 175 miles just to grab him. The 2008 Jayco Eagle awaits a buyer-- S T I L L.

Today, this square is driving a Nissan Cube, a rental car until we find a new to us ride.

An excellent birthday cake substitute--from GiGis Cupcakes, a nice, healthy dose of chocolate and caramel. Not to worry about the calorie intake, for the 13th straight year, I was able to finish a 5k course. But man, the love handles bouncing off the asphalt really does produce some serious chafing.

The number of folks who have found it over here in the past year, cheers!

 Guess what returns to the grocery shopping list in 3 days...

Three final days in the aluminum shack---with temps 20 degrees below normal. Of course.Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Clyde the ride...that was my Dad's name! By now your painting walls! So tickled for you...

  2. Yeah CG, mine too was named Clyde..miss him dearly, passed away 13 yrs ago last week..