Thursday, March 21, 2013


Well, one week from today, we hope to be writing out that large check for larger living. Other than it burning down, appears to be no obstacle to getting to closing in our fine small town of Burnet, TX, population 6,000.

How do you know when you are in a small town--when the online newspaper has a tab indicating "Obits" and when you select it, the drop-down option indicates "Pets". You can verify for yourself here.Would love to see a tribute like "In remembrance of Muffy, the family reminds you not to leave the bag of chocolate Oreo cookies next to the counter".

You can lay any doubt to rest that we will be moving near a couple sizable bodies of water. Above is a Craigslist link my adorable wife sent me as a hint. Maybe this will replace the RV adventure.

Speaking of Craigslist, we have loaded up in one week's time--dryer, dresser, lawn mower, king-size bed frame, two couches (story forthcoming), side chair, 2 side tables, kitchen table (no chairs, more fun sitting on floor) and a coffee table. Yes, we are the Upscale-R-Us storage unit.

Let's go to this week's Craigslist Missing Brain Cells' Listings of the Week:

Listed as "Chester Drawers". Glad to see he has stopped  his molesting behavior.

The only thing in the listing "Mens New Asics Tennis Shoes". Apparently, the seller had never heard the phrase "size matters".

Titled: guys coffee table top extends out - $100 (central austin) Very informative as I never knew how to tell the difference in sexes of coffee tables.

Unwanted Belly Fat? - Research Study 

Is there any other kind?

Once you get the agreement on an offer, then you have to battle this via text messaging:
Me: "Thanks. Let me know a day, time and address where I can pick it up".
Response: "Work til 5".
What I wanted to reply: "I now have a 1st Place Trophy inscribed with MOST VAGUE CRAIGSLIST RESPONSE-2013 that I will bring over to you".




Perhaps brain-cell loss is contagious. Nothing like buying 2 full-sized couches in 2 days and not being able to sell the first one. The 2nd one was way more eclectic ( I will spot you "lime green", you will have to wait for the reveal) so we decided to keep it and sell this one.

Guess who gets to play electrician the day we  move in? Yup, dryer bought is 4 prong, older house is 3 prong. Yes, you  can work on my obit "In remembrance of Dave, the family asks that you seek a professional electrician when working around 220 volts".

The bathtub countdown continues: 7 days. My wife is hoping this is the dude that jumps out of the tub. Hummm, maybe that is why she bought the extra couch-- for me. She is thoughtful that way.

One journey nears an end, a new one about to begin...


  1. The dog obit is different, but if you are a big dog person like me, it is kind of nice. The obit list is pretty long for a small town.

  2. Oh goodie...I just checked for updates, now I've got my super charge for the evening! Who thought shopping could be so fun!! You could put the brown couch out on the front porch or maybe they don't do that sort of thing down there :O) and I vote YES on the boat..."gotta, gotta have it!!"

    1. I think City Ordinance says only love seats can be on the front porch and no more than 2 toothless males holding 1 bottle of beer each...I will check.