Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ogling at Ogallala, NE for a week!

Well, a week at Ogallala, NE. is nearing an end and very little to ogle at. While the plan was just a couple of nights, the weather forecast within 300 miles of here and our northeast destination was the same-- H O T! Since nothing was to be gained by traveling and we liked the Country View campground and its weekly rate, we decided to stay parked and go exploring the town's 5,000+ population. So, after those 30 minutes were up, we swam for 6+ days. Another week in the rays and the Border Patrol will be making inquiries of our immigration status.

Oh no you di--in't, oh yes I did! Left: bottle of vanilla syrup, right: dish soap. Unnoticed by me (no surprise look on my wife's face), my love had packed away the coffee syrup prior to an early morning departure for Ogallala. Well, in my pre-caffeinated morning stupor and in a haste to get on the road, I prepared my own thermos of coffee adding what I thought was the syrup. My first gulp as we cruised down the highway--uggghhh--the Palmolive latte' will not make it to the Starbucks menu.

You know you have arrived at the country-bumpkin' RV park when from your living room you can see the John Deere dealership and the Dairy Queen in one full swoop of the landscape.

Summer time priorities--shade and pool--accomplished. If I backed up 4 ft, I could belly flop from atop the Lady Eagle.

Pool rules--so what's the purpose of chlorine in the pool? I guess my puss-filled, gaping case of Infantigo is a no go. 

Consequence of shade-- that white glob sitting between the H and J keys is not Liquid Paper. Yes, a robin above me at the picnic table with a sense of humor air-mailed me a gift.

Lake Mccona-heh. It is considered Nebraska's playground, but it pretty much left us unimpressed, perhaps because we arrived only with a plastic float, you know the whole budget thingy. No shade, leg munching sand flies and a distant view of nothing. Much prefer our previous water stops of Monterey, CA., Chatfield Lake in CO. and Lake Shasta, CA.

When in Nebraska, do as the Nebraskans do-- Runza's, a yeast dough bread pocket with a filling consisting of beef, pork, cabbage or sauerkraut, onions, bacon-- you name it! And fortunately did not wake up with a case of the runzas the following morning.

Like fingerprints, no two sunsets are alike. Looking toward the western skies of Nebraska as smoke from a forest fire collides with a thunder cell moving thru the area at dusk. Oh, and you're welcome for the added element of power line and FedEx trucks in the background-- my photographic creativity is a bit eclectic.

What's not to love about a town that paints their water tower like a UFO spaceship!

Tower turns scary at night....or something..... 

Nothing symbolizes small-town USA ambiance more than being able to capture both the town's fireworks show and the Dairy Queen sign in the same photo from your campground 2 miles away...

Well, that concludes a week in western Nebraska. Off tomorrow to the state's eastern boundary for a single night, then pointing the rocking chairs toward the north, Sioux Falls, SD., on Saturday.
The journey is 3 months old today!


  1. When in Sioux Falls be sure to go to I think it is called Falls Park, and see the falls.

    We had been through there many times and didn't know there were falls. A couple of months ago we were through again and finally heard about them.

    Very interesting.