Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A trip back in history--Amish country and the Shipshewana Flea Market!!

What's there not to love about a simple, sustainable, morality-filled, family-loving, Christ-believing lifestyle. Everything that seems so wrong in the world seems so right in the countryside of northern Indiana today as we joined in sharing some of our dollars at the Midwest's largest flea market in Shipshewana, IN., the only site in Indiana named to the "Top 1000 Places You Must See Before You Die" list. We survived it to tell you about it.

Dutch technology followed by--

American technology--you poop 'em, we scoop em, now that's a partnership!

The Oshkosh airshow is to Wisconsin what the Shipshewana flea market is to the Amish!

Love me oh love me the head bonnets---and what resourcefulness, head wear by day and a Mr. Coffee filter in the morning.

Looks like little Jonas is going to be the rebellious type and be facing eviction soon from his Anabaptist brethren.

My head wear was a feeble attempt to assimilate with the locals. And the goatee, very weak tea for the Mennonite male.

Victoria Amish Secret-- who knew? Once the lights go out at night, there must be some serious frolicking going on--oh wait, they don't have lights. Never mind.

The last one left--them Amish real prankster folk! I was tempted to buy it so I could leave it on the next RV'er's doorstep who kept me up at night.

The real reason the Amish are forced to ride bikes. Oh, and the Bavarian Cream filled one, Y U M. We are bike riding tomorrow.

Storage Wars--Amish version!

My entrepreneurial inkling senses top Amish businesses--bike repair and farriers, biggest failure--barbers and tattoo shops.

 I do believe the Amish have a future on the Comedy Channel.

Day 117, the journey continues---well, actually it stays right here, in Amish country, for a month. The droopy beard should be complete by then along with the acquisition of suspenders. Thanks for allowing us to tow you along.


  1. I am WAY behind on my blog reading and have really missed your sense of humor. :) But say it ain't so - suspenders and droopy beard?!? LOL. I hope you guys are doing well - will catch completely up and find out...

  2. Jerry and I saw a small Amish community right inside the Colorado border. I can't remember what it was, but I do know Jerry made some sort of comment. Ha!

    We are in Ottawa, Illinois right now, visiting a friend before heading to Elkhart late next week. Here is Jerry's, if you guys would like to meet up for dinner or something.

  3. Can you tell me where to look for health ins. for my DW? We are planning to go fulltiming soon ( I hope)! thanks. kroghville