Thursday, August 16, 2012

Random Acts of RV'ing V. 11.0

Being parked for a month is just what the RV psychologist ordered. We are 2/3 of the way done in this stationary mode and are totally enjoying the Amish area on the Michigan-Indiana border. I  believe we have run the AC twice in 19 days and the heater the same amount of time. Yes, Fall is beginning to tease the area. With the comfortable temps, we have taken on some home-like projects with a start of interior remodeling along with washing and hand-waxing both the Jr. Ark and the Lady Eagle. Today, an RV tech arrived to go through a systems check to keep the folks at our extended warranty company happy.

Enjoy the random photos of our past 2 weeks here in Bristol, In....

 How awesome is this-- a canned ham as a neighbor!

A 2-burner grill, a set of new patio lights and a new programmable coffee-maker---what the better half gets when she goes RV supply shopping.

What the male half gets when RV supply shopping.

The good--fresh flour and corn meal from a still operational Bonneyville old-school flour mill in Bristol, Indiana. The bad-- reading instructions "Items should be refrigerated". Dohhhh--they haven't seen the size of our RV fridge.

We have started the RV remodel program beginning with painting the bathroom first. This lightswitch was Day One's effort--yes, I am totally serious. Did I mention before we are slowing down the pace? Projected completion date: 2018.

This canopy of trees is about 200 yards from us and inspired us to tackle another 5K training program before the fat tackles us. Training is easy to do when you are stationary, but once we commence travel again here in the next 10 days, check back with us on the progress, or lack of.

This is about as risky as RV life gets--hand waxing the rig at about 12 feet. On the other hand, as is noted by the reflection, Carnauba California Gold wax on our aluminum sided rig was an excellent choice.

"Yes, do you have a land-thru spot for me tonight? We will be arriving in our Winnebago chopper." Fun times at the RV/MH Museum in Elkhart, Indiana. Eight of these beasts were produced, 2 still exist.

And thus the birth of flame-retardant curtains was born. 

Speaking of retardanted, that is what my brain would have been if not for the black tape dangling from the awning arm to warn my cantaloupe that it is about to be impaled if I don't duck. Yeah, a white arm, a white awning and mostly white exterior makes the aluminum elbow hard to see when you are 6'2". RV'ing, very dangerous, do not attempt at home.

Amish at a car show? Is there a violations bureau I need to contact? I was at a distance, but I believe I heard her ask her husband "Do ya think our horse can pull it?"

One of our favorite parts of this journey is meeting up with folks who have launched a similar course and are now blogging about it. Jerry and Kim at CR8ING THE LIFE who hail from Phoenix were in Elkhart, In. to pick up their factory fresh, palatial palace on wheels and invited us over to take a peek at the beauty. After taking a tour and enjoying dinner out with them, we returned to our Section 8 fifth-wheeler. They are a bit more work ambitious than us and are headed over to Coffeyville, KS. for 4 months of seasonal employment at the Amazon distribution center. On the other hand, our labor will be deciding on what to order for Christmas from Amazon. Like I said, they have a "similar" adventure, not exact.

We bid you adios with our 7 day forecast. Enjoy my Texas friends and family, we'll leave a light on.

We thank ya for following 131, the journey continues is stationary..


  1. Wax on, Wax off. CR8ing Life that is quite the 5th Wheel.

    1. Wax on, wax off--10 hrs later, and still have one side to go.

  2. I like what the female half of flipflopvector came home with! Jerry and I have already decided a "must have" item is a small, outdoor grill. Where did you get it?

    Thanks for the shout out! We are so glad that we were able to meet and spend an evening together. Tomorrow we head out with our destination being the Sugar Creek Campground in Crawfordsville, Indiana, just about 170 miles away. We will let you know how it is a back-in site!! Aaargh!

    1. Walmart and Target both have it, $84 well spent, used it 4-5x in past 10 days….AWESOME on warm days when you don’t want to fire up inside stovetop/oven…

      Re: back in, we have one coming up east of Buffalo….I asked them to kindly remove all trees, power poles and children upon arriving….

      Godspeed and we will stay in touch, your lives are about to get funtastic!


  3. When you get lonely for Texas you can come down and wax my unit. LOL Yours looks really good.

    Love your temps. We are still upper nineties everyday, but it gets to the lower 70s at night.

    1. Seasonal temps for Kerrville area, but still, there is no real suffering in that neck of the woods--pretty country...

  4. Looking forward to seeing the remodel. Al is 6'3" and has seen our awning support up close, real close, blood drawing close. Glad you're enjoying some nice midwestern weather.....Ingrid