Thursday, October 18, 2012

Apple/Appalachian/DC + Random Acts of RV'ing, V 19.0

I was thinking about starting a blog about travel sights that we go to---anyone seen something like that before? Bwahaha. So, before we get to the good stuff (Random Acts), we did enjoy NYC, DC (with our oldest), Philly and a 6 mile hike on the Appalachian Trail above Harper's Ferry, W. VA---all in the past 2 weeks! I don't need no stinkin' budget!

Philly cheesesteak, gyro platter and pastrami sammich with garlic fries--at this rate, in a month, I am going to have more Chins than the Chinese phone book.

OK, enough with tourist-palooza. Let's get to the material you come here for---useless info on our RV experience. Teri even quipped this week "If you think about it, your blog is "meaningless". Before you want to send funds to get me a mobile, grief counselor, she is right. Instead of Flip Flop Vector, maybe a name update to Seinfeld Goes Camping. Now, just to figure out a way to make Jerry's kind of money.

Don't you wonder how folks with this mindset approach an RV dealership--"Yeah, hello, I am looking to see if you have--uhh,uhh--like a pup tent that has wheels on your lot--you know, like a Camper Starter Kit".

I have an idea, let's go down to the cemetery and get those 1,000 pound head stones, throw some wood on top, and call it a picnic table! Then, let's put it so far forward on the site the RV awning can't cover it while it is raining. QUACK!

Really--that sign inside the campground's Men's bathroom? I wandered out to the fenced in dog run area expecting to see a sign that said "Men, please use urinal in men's restroom rather than the fire hydrant".

What is up with RV parks and their trending eco-friendly toilet paper? Uhhh---it is not finger friendly, if you know what I mean. Like much of the "green" movement, there are unintended consequences when I am having a movement. In this case, the easily degradable paper causes one to have to consume more water than usual to clean their hands--aren't they the same group that wants to save on water usage?

What Teri sees as a campin' breakfast meat.

What Teri's husband sees.

                                   I had no idea Home Depot sold firewood.

Getting off one of our DC subway stops. Shouldn't the sign just say "Stairs"?

Price gouging at our NJ campground laundromat. At that rate, I thought they might spray some white paint in my undies--you know, to freshen 'em up a lil bit after using the eco-toilet paper?

Really, at a campground? "Sir, we do apologize that our Wi-Fi is phenomenally intermittent, but hey, have you tried out that batting cage yet?" Oh, you bet they charged for it--what were you thinking-- "Buy one load of clothes washing, hit 5 balls free"?

There you go folks. In 1 minute's reading time, I took you from tourist-palooza to poop-palooza. Hope you enjoyed. These weary travelers are glad to be done with hills and chills, now resting comfortably in the temperate, coastal climate of the Carolinas.

Day  193, the journey continues---in small increments.


  1. Sorry to hear your movement is green. I blame the scrapple.

  2. GLD's, thought certain u would comment about the DUCKS in our photo of the picnic table!

  3. You will be glad to know that your post caused much laughter this evening in the Portelli RV!! I, for one, am GREEN with envy that you got to hike on the Appalachian Trail. After six miles, are you guys ready to try the entire thing :)??

    1. I will take on the challenge of the entire 2500 miles of the App Trail the 1st day they open it up to ATV's...:)

  4. Jerry is GREEN with envy that you got to try Scrapple. Ha!

  5. Still laughing as I type this comment. Great blog! Please keep them coming, as I for one do not find your blog "meaningless". As I have said before, I enjoy both your and terry's blogs as they pose such interesting, yet different, perspectives.

  6. I wish day 366 would never get here. Laughter is good for the soul. Thanks once again for starting my day with laughter.

  7. Brady and Dave, thanks....I think...sorry Brady we didnt head west from Raleigh, just fatigued with up/down driving and cooler than we like temps.....

  8. Just dont zoom in on the ingredients...the only thing missing I think is "pig fur"...

  9. Hey now! Don't go bad mouthing the Scrapple... I sort of like the stuff. Of course I might not ever be able to enjoy it again after the "pig fur" comment...

    Seriously, sitting here with ice on my knee getting ready for another week at Amazon and needed the laugh. Made Kevin laugh too. Consider your work done for the day ;-)

  10. Hilarious. . .really!