Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fixin' To Fix Something....

"Fixin to" is a favorite Texas euphemism for "preparing to"--we are fixin' to leave for the grocery store. In the RV lifestyle, seems like you are continually in a "fixin to fix something" mode.

We have had several lingering issues in need of repair, but for the most part, they were of the intermittent variety--the worst kind for diagnosing. We have had the temperature relief valve of the hot water heater leaking periodically, the furnace thermostat acting up and a leak into the basement from the shower basin. So, after my limited problem solving skills failed, yet again, it was time to test out our extended warranty provider and a local RV tech who worked with such companies.

So a call was placed to RV Specialist mobile repair service in Austin. Their best response time was two days which was not an issue since 2 of the 3 issues (not the shower leak) have been plaguing us periodically for months and the other is solved by a 50 foot walk to the awesome compartment style (our favorite) showers at the campground.

After 2 hours of problem solving, although I suspected it was a shower faucet leak, it appears it was weakening caulk around the lower wall of the floor pan as a peek into the faucet cabinet showed it completely dry. It takes 24 hours to set and I am not fully optimistic that was the issue, but we will go from there. The furnace thermostat issue, as luck would have it when repair folks arrive of any nature, could not be reproduced. The water heater valve leak was demonstrated, so it was replaced.

Total bill before warranty was $253.00 including $75 service call for just bringing their smile to our RV park. The tech confirmed, as other RV repair folks I have asked, XtraRide is one of the easier warranty providers to deal with. The end result: Xtraride covered the service call fee plus the water heater valve parts and labor, minus $50 deductible,  leaving us with a balance of $150. I figured they wouldn't cover caulking nor the "unable to duplicate" thermostat issue, so I would say we are satisfied with their coverage. 

Oh, and yes, I had gone over it with caulk before they arrived, but APPARENTLY acrylic caulk, which I knew was not entirely waterproof, but thought it would have some value,  is useless on showers and tubs.I am rapidly approaching putting the complete into complete idiot.

On somewhat of a related topic, we discussed in a prior post about Coach-Net, our roadside assistance program, which we had dealings with during our accident in Wilmington, NC. While there are only 2 major players in this provider category (the other being Good Sam's), we were pleased with our overall experience. They had a clause providing Trip Interruption benefits in the event, as an RV'er, we were involved in an accident and our rig was rendered inhabitable. They allowed for hotel ($400), rental car ($300) and meals ($400). I checked in with them on Friday and although the check has not been written, all of our paperwork has been received and the claim approved. We knew from the outset a 60 day waiting period was the norm and it has only been 30, so it is proceeding on course.

While we are on topic of repairs, for those that order online parts and comparison shop like Christie over at He Said She Said, give Tweetys a look. I have found them to be less expensive after pricing in item cost and shipping than both Amazon and Camping World.

There you go, a RARE, HELPFUL post on 2 of the hot button topics amongst RV'ers---warranties and roadside assistance providers, plus a tip on how to save a buck or two. It must be the giving season.

The journey is parked in Austin, TX as we celebrate 8 months of minimalist living in 2 days....


  1. Howdy.... I'm just piddlin' around and had a hankering to get something purdy for my Yankee husband...so I think I'll yonder over to Tweety's...looks like a hot spot for for shopping :O)

    1. You just passed your Texas English exam, well done.

  2. I love Tweety's. It is just east of Boerne. I have ordered a lot of things from them and been to the store several times while we were in the hill country.

    Their staff are very helpful and friendly. I bought quite a few led lights from them and they work great.

    Don't you love those intermittent problems that never show up when they need to. LO(L

    1. Boerne, another gem of a Texas town...glad to hear someone else is familiar with 'em...