Sunday, December 9, 2012

Money Laundering

I don't have a pet peeve, I have a zoo of peeves, all be it of the first world variety. In our current campground, they have two nice, well-equipped coin operated laundry areas. But guess what they do not offer--- C O I N S!

Imagine going to the bank teller and being told "Sorry sir, we don't provide change". Or, getting all situated at the car wash only to discover they have no way to convert your greenbacks to silver. How about if the soda machine had an illuminated sign reading "does not provide change". Like mustard to a hot dog, coins are to a coin-operated laundry--no?

I understand security concerns with 24 hour laundry rooms and change machines. But could you not place them at the office where there is constant presence for at least 8 hours a day. If you don't want to mess with change machines, then could you not at least make rolls of quarters available to your office staff. I mean---really---what is happening to the coins that are being inserted into their dozen machines? Seems like availability is not an issue.

So when I inquired as to where I can get change to use their laundry services, guess where I was told to go--"sir, 1 mile north of here there are change machines at the laundromat and the car wash. If that doesn't work, a bank".  YA THINK??

Over and out.


  1. I will have to admit this is a major peeve of mine also! The worst was in Colorado at a laundromat where I had enough to get things started, went to the change machine, and it was out of order. Great, a sopping wet comforter and no money for dryers?? Thank goodness for the nice young man and his ziplock baggie full of quarters who graciously changed $5.00 into quarters for me. Lesson learned: check change machine first, before starting laundry and before husband drives off with the truck to take the dogs for a walk while I'm washing the bedding!

  2. Wow! I have not experienced that yet. That would be a major pain in the butt. All of the places we have stayed have had change in the office. The place we are at now doesn't take change in the machines. We use a card. I really like using the card. I don't have to bother anyone for change.

  3. This place has 160 sites, 95% here longer than a week, seems like they would want to solve. In Ogallala, NE, the owner when I asked for change for $10, pulled out ZipLock bags of quarters, all collected from his machines he said. Simple solution.

  4. Of the 10 campgrounds we've stayed in since September, only 1 has had a change machine - it was in the camp store, next to the laundry room! I am amazed at this also! I've just gotten into the habit of getting a roll of quarters at the grocery store when I'm shopping, whenever I know I have laundry ready.

    1. Yeah T/M, this is our 50th CG....49 of the ones before had coin availability on site, in one form or another...