Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A home in need of a good home....

Like a Twinkie, we will keep this short and sweet.

It looks like we are set for closing as our buyer feels 99% sure she has found conventional financing and will be paying off her lender---which happens to be us. So, we will now have the proceeds to return to a life of permanent hot water, soaking baths and a permanent foundation. Oh yeah, barking dogs, the same view and property taxes. Give and take, such is life.

This leaves us with a need to sell both our fifth wheel and the truck located in Austin, Tx. Instead of going into all of the details, just click the link under each photo and you will be taken to the 2 web sites we created to sell them. Our desire is to sell it to another RV'er, so we will list it here and at other RV selling sites. If you know anyone, let 'em know--Austin as an airfare destination is one of the better bargains.We are trying to avoid the local Craigslist option---you know, scammers, low ballers, dealers and bad photographers.

Oh, and if you like the design of the selling websites and you have a big item (home, car, boat, plane, etc) you want to sell, contact me. End self-promotion.

And, of course, we would like to sell them as a pair, but will sell them apart. All you would need is new license plates--all other amenities to begin your travel immediately will be included!

As to what has been otherwise happening the past 7 weeks, the wife sums up well here. Oh, and speaking of her, she has a nice giveaway here.

Next post--the average budget for our previous 9 months on the road. Post after--a comparison of our final Sticks Bricks home (Jan 2012) budget vs. our life RVing---which is cheaper? Are you sure? Find out soon...

Day on wheels continues...


  1. Awesome promotion. Good luck with your sale and future plans.

    Two orders of magnitude better than the typical Craigslists ads, for sure.

  2. Interesting. Has this been your plan all along, or have you found a little life on the road to go a long way?

    Good luck with your plans.

    1. GLD, it was 12 mos or when $$ ran out as we did this on savings account, as we are pre-retirement age, in terms of less than 59 yrs of age...NO REGRETS over the experience, still living in rv, all be it parked, looking for the next season of life--small home living in the Austin area...returning to work, serving/volunteering, and most of all, being close to family....