Thursday, January 31, 2013

Random Acts of RV'ing, Version --Uh, I Lost Count

Well, we have moved. Oh, not into a sticks and bricks, just a mere 29 miles northwest from southeast Austin to Leander, TX. It was a move of convenience as we wanted to be in the same town as our realtor and not face Austin's quasi-Los Angeles traffic nightmare each time a property surfaced.

Arrived at the KOA in Leander, TX, the fastest growing area in the USA, on Tuesday. How fast--a property surfaced in our price range--had 18 showings. Oh, yes, that  would be 18 showings on the first day it was offered for sale.  Sold day one.

Yesterday, we headed out to look at 4 properties (as it was the same day we were expecting our monies from our buyer who we financed for one year). Ok, we were not impressed. A homeless family would  have opted to remain in their cardboard abode. Stained carpets, cat pee smell, tobacco smoke and wood rot weren't exactly screaming "BUY ME!". Did I miss the sub-division name: HazMat? I may take a pair of my black tank disposable  gloves next go around. Never thought our 4 year old Jayco would  seem so luxurious.

Turns out God's timing had a role. Returned  to the campground and an email from our home buyer indicating her closing had been nixed---date and time unknown. Ruh--roh, Scooby.  We feel sorry for her as she has fulfilled all of our requirements. It seems like men with briefcases laptops would be beating down her door to give her a loan as she is only requesting 40% of the property valued amount, so the institution would have 60% equity. Humm, guess banks still only prefer risky deals. So, wanting only to pay cash for a home, we have suspended an active search until the bank account sees a rare entry in the DEPOSIT column.

We are back in the same locale near the animal shelter I used to volunteer at before departing, so I am returning to help them out on Saturday. Also fortuitous is the opening of a new bike trail last week which can take us miles into the suburbs and starts right outside of the campground. Ran 3.1 miles today on it to make sure it could handle my weight. It did, unfortunately, my knees can't much longer. Time for pedals. Also, our best friends are now 10 minutes away and we are 10 miles closer to our youngest son. Most importantly, our favorite Mexican food place is 29 miles closer to us.

"Hey Dave, how is that job hunting going?" Glad you asked. So excited this morning as I saw an entry level aviation job open up at a nearby, but rather busy municipal airport, with an open deadline. I completed their  application, adjusted my cover letter and uploaded my aviation-specific resume. Went to look for the "Submit" button. Huh--where did it go? Refreshed the job home page. Gone. What? Yup, per the City, it was closed while I was working on my app. Face meet palm. Funemployment continues.

Hey, who is all in for a hot tub on these cool Texas winter evenings? OK, put your hands down cause it's not happening here. Yup, open April 1st-October 31st, cause everyone loves soaking their sweaty loins in a pot of boiling water in late July as the sun sets. Their explanation--only one heater that serves pool and hot tub, all run on propane, so it becomes too expensive to operate during colder months.  KOA recognizing something as TOO EXPENSIVE--that there is some irony, aint it?

Alex, I will take "Program Ideas Not Well Thought Out" for $200. Really--bring your  own chili slop and we will blend it all together and have a good ole' time? Mr. and Mrs. Flip Flop Vector will be bringing a crock pot and labeling it "Barf Bucket". Seriously, there must be some kind of investment relationship with a nearby urgent care center. We are passing and heading to the In-Laws. The rest of the campground will be passing, too--gas.

 I have no idea why you stop by, but thanks regardless.

The journey continues, approaching 10 months of life on axles....

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  1. Got a huge chuckle more than once. Lots in the hopper. Visions of whimsical painted boxes with a side porch on 20 acres. Good call on the Super Bowl showdown...betting one special lady has some awesome treats on tap :)