Thursday, May 23, 2013

V 3.0 Remodel

Hit the ground running and still in full sprint mode, even after 7 weeks in the new homestead. The majority of the work since the previous post is getting the outside Texas ready prior to the first heat wave arriving, which generally lasts about 120 days.

Thanks to my father-in-law and his welder, 2 T-posts for the outdoor laundry. In Texas  you learn to save your electric dollars for the AC unit.

The big sweat project that took the better part of 2 weeks--the chicken coop. I  could  have taken the expeditious route buying new wood for the hen house, but opted to go  through every scrap left behind by the previous owner and, wolah, we have a home.

The landscaping adds a touch and, of course, the hens love their red bark scratch. The flower pots were Teri's idea to finish up the look.

The lay-dies arrived 2 weeks ago at their young age of 3 months. For those knowing their chicks, we have 2 Rhode Island Reds, 1 Barred Rock, 1 White Leghorn and a Golden Sexlink. We expect to see their first egg delivery in about a month. Once they get in full swing, we should see about 2 dozen healthy yolks a week. Although against city ordinance (and because we are rebels), they do come out and free range providing bug patrol for a couple hours a day.

Just a random stack of white rock rested here upon our arrival....., a fire pit!

And when the sun sets, out comes the 2 partying former RV'ers. Or not.

Siesta time with the new hammock and some of our recent license plates for decor.

A quick-garden for this go around, above ground boxes pending the arrival of a truck.

Black trim started and a section of gutter with downspout. A couple of rain barrels await the arrival of a truck. Seriously, how do families manage without a truck?

Out with the stain door......

in with the solid black...

Out with the obvious color scheme for our milk jug.....

In with color on the front porch...

 Out with the customary eggshell white in the guest room awaiting our Summer arrival..

 In with a very calming aquamarine color, "Sea Air" by Valspar. We will see if that calming effect works.

Next on the makeover list---the guest bathroom. And a gentle reminder men to always keep a dust mask handy as I had ran out and asked my wife if she had any options. Not quite the Bathroom Terrorist Demo Man look I was seeking.

and several BIG announcements since we last visited with you.....

The Lady Eagle has sold and the check arrived today! We finally opted to have it consigned at PPL Motorhomes at their newer New Braunfels location. Many of you have taken on your own remodel as we did in this post last Summer. Well, the appraiser DEVALUED our unit by $900 stating "people looking at RVs expect a certain look. We aren't saying yours is not well done, but it will definitely hurt its ability to sell". Yeah, it sold the 2nd weekend. Translated--"we need an excuse to mark your rig down so we can sell your rig and put the 10% commission in our pocket". Whatever.

We are calling her "Sadie" the Lady or when she misbehaves, Shady Lady. She is a Great White Pyrenees weighing in at 5 pounds and will grow close to 100 in her first year. Yes, Teri and I are Mr. and Mrs. Zombie with the pup who has seemingly confused the sun and the moon. Also, for those that don't get out much, it is very quiet outside at midnight, 2am, 4am and 6am.

The two main attributes of this breed-- intelligence and stubbornness. Ruh-roh Scooby, that is like a man going to an on-line matchmaking site and seeing a female's 2 best traits as "beautiful with an attitude". In this photo, puff ball recalls her 3rd meal of the day usually includes some Greek yogurt for digestive reasons and is in full protest mode. Well, her intelligence failed her as this was her 2nd offering of the day. Remedial counting training starts tomorrow.

...and look whose coming to live with us for 3 months in our newly painted guest room--our 8 year old niece from Denver. Here she was demonstrating her runway skills last year when she spent a couple of days with us in our RV at Chatfield State Park. Ahh yes, the girl that gave us "Can you kill this ant for me"..."This dragon fly is annoying me"..."It is boring time"..."It is so hot walking, can you give me a piggy-back ride"...followed by my favorite---"I love camping", is coming to see what Texas heat looks like---this is gonna be fun.

Yikes, 5 new hens, a new pup and an 8 year old around the house--will either keep us young or kill us. We knew the RV adventure would surrender to a new journey, but this is truly a surprise.

Stay tuned.


  1. Adorable puppy during normal daylight hours that is. I am glad things are going so well. We are fighting ticks here in Missouri.

  2. Better you than me. You are taking on so much so quickly! I'll stick with the lazy RV life a while longer.
    Pup is adorable and hopefully will grow and grow and grow and grown into the beautiful gentle giant they are known to be.

    1. From a distance, adorable, but she is mule headed ornery. We await the Gentle!