Sunday, May 5, 2013

Living Room Gloom to BOOM!

With the exception of Teri creating a gallery wall and the acquisition of a recliner, the living room is pretty much a step away from the finish line. Standing ovation for us!

As was the kitchen, the time consumer was the dark trim on the baseboards, door trim and book shelves. Our theme was "retro metro" mixed in with a bit of "functional eclectic".

 Before. YAWN. The floors and the red bricked fireplace were about the only 2 items left as is.

After. The gray walls were inspired by Teri's sister's home in Denver as was the decision to go with white trim. 

Before. How awesome is a large screen TV soaking in all the glare from the French doors! Hence our decision to put it on a different wall.

After. Every single piece of furniture and decor courtesy of garage sales and Craigslist. The same curtains from our kitchen post make an encore over the French doors.

A month ago...our first night sans furniture as our ceiling's popcorn was being scraped. Digging the small town has a Pizza Hut, still one of our favorites and a rarity as they still have inside dining. Where all the cool folks now have their 3D TVs, we are still using the binoculars to see ours--hey, matches our theme--stuck in the 70s.

Pay no attention to the TV as it is being replaced, just waiting for a sale. Since Black Friday has been moving up every year, perhaps about May 31st we will see the Christmas discounts begin. As to the dresser, a Pinterest idea which worked out great since the 2nd drawer was damaged--wolah, entertainment center! Paint decision pending. Yes, fan of orange. Clock was originally gold. The left side "space" awaits a recliner still being searched for.

 Yes, we are a fan of color.

A pair of these at $10 each found at a garage sale which was a pretty fair price since they tossed in the spider webs and dust bowl.......

.....turned into THIS! Yes, Teri is able to cast a great vision. I am also good at casting.....a large shadow. New foam, fabric and paint transforms! The half-moon table is the only piece of inherited furniture remaining from my parent's estate and was until this past week a dark cherry wood. Hey, it's still a fruit color.

Probably the "find" of all of our Craigslist acquisitions---$50 for the throwback couch! Yes, we know, some of you would have asked for some change back because you are groovy-challenged. The aqua afghan is from Teri's 95 year old grandma hand produced 35 years ago.

Heavy, quality Thomasville find, but rather boring....

A coat of satin black for a new look and some sod from the back yard---OK, I confess, it is shag carpet to complete the theme!

Love double french doors.  Really love them after we added the screen doors to bring air flow through the house!

Another Pinterest idea Texas-ized by adding the star in the middle. This was an aging  fence picket resting peacefully for years in the back yard being bleached by the sun and now relocated to the entry way of the home.

.....and on the opposite wall in the entry way, a nice locate at a local shop....and when was the last time you had a house with terrazzo tile?....door pending switch to black paint on the next rainy day...well, in central Tx., that could be a month or two....

Next reveal--BACK YARD!  ...and a back-ache....and feathered friends...


  1. Glad to see you posting again. I wish I could be so brave with color. I love that you don't feel your home has to be the "normal showcase". You have your own unique showcase. I like your style. I enjoy quirky sayings and objects to make visitors laugh. Yep, I the person who has the laughing toilet paper roll holder, etc.

    1. Been posting regularly, all be it my RSS feeder didn't notify me Blogspot account had exceeded its size :), so "followers" werent being notified...