Thursday, September 12, 2013

Miss Us Yet?

Yeah, didn't think so.

Ah yes, Sadie. I am training her to be a Seeing Litter Dog. I guess even as a dog she understands the DONT MESS WITH TEXAS motto. Amidst our 1.5 mile walk each evening, she routinely will chomp on a plastic soda pop bottle, grab a local newspaper from a driveway, munch on an empty chip bag and bite down on an empty pack of cigarettes. 

She is officially on the "Off To A Better Home" marketing block. She admired me enough to ask me to author her a blog here . She is really improving overall as you would  expect as she approaches her sixth month, but we still feel she would be happier with room to roam and a canine playmate. There is not a human she does not like, so we feel a new family would be an easy transition. We had 2 interested and excellent adopters, but one had a dog who developed a contagious skin condition and the other lost her mom unexpectedly. But our commitment remains the same: "home must be as good or better than the care she gets here". 

Just a tad larger than a lap.

               Amazing what wearing a Col. Sander's costume out to the coop will do to stimulate production.

Ahh yes, something an RV'er never gets a chance to say--"I was busy repairing dry wall yesterday". Fun times, good  money-saving learning experience. A little sanding to go, gonna look legit. Thanks YouTube.

I concede, I have commented about unusual heat before. But, when you  have history to back you up, I feel justified. Yes, based upon days above 100 degrees at the measurement, this has been the 7th hottest Summer in 75 years, with 40+ days in Austin and counting. Durango, CO., Myrtle Beach, SC, Portland, OR, Petaluma, CA, Seattle, WA and beach-side, somewhere FL are on our 2014 Summer finalists list. Thank you Lord for my work from home opportunities.

Never underestimate the value of a card table. Yes, my new awesome, home office decor including an uncomfortable chair to help me stave off Cubicle Butt Syndrome. Speaking of, after only 2 weeks with the company I am dispatching for, I have been offered an additional position which will entail significantly more labor on my part. I am totally enjoying speaking with sane and sober technicians rather than the delusional, often brain-cell deprived transient calling 911 to report they have a foreign object impaled in a backside orifice and didn't know how it got there. Yes, it happened. More than once. Not to me.

I miss my Random theme from the RV days. But, is anyone else bothered by these ER "marketing" signs? "Honey, can you  check  on the tourniquet on my mangled ankle the lawn mower chopped off--we probably have enough time to run by the Home Depot first and get another blade before we arrive at the hospital". To me, an emergency means you don't have time to wait, but I am probably strange that way.

 Too bad we aren't paid per visitor-heh. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Yes, I agree. Those ER billboards are strange. "No, honey. The wait is too long. Let's drive to another hospital." Enjoyed your post!!!

    1. Thanks K/J, enjoy your return to your home state...

  2. Of course I missed you. I miss that almost daily humor to get me started. But, I understand when in one place we all have the tendency to not blog as often.

    I red Sadie's blog and totally enjoyed it.

    Whoopee! We are going to have a few days in the 80s down here in the valley. Oh what a relief it will be.

    As always, enjoy your blogs.

    1. We are the few in this world who welcome relief temps in the 80s...looking fwd to it, same forecast here...

  3. Thanks. We are admiring you and Jerr and the mobile definitely will confirm whether a marriage is rock solid, won't it :)