Monday, September 23, 2013

Queen Sadie Finds Her Castle

It wasn't easy finding the right home, but that being said, we believe we found her one that will fit her needs. Yes, for you dog lovers, it was as tough as you can imagine. IF it would have been my decision only with no other variables other than what  we knew in June, I would have kept her. And no, that doesn't mean it defaults to blaming Teri. This was a COLLECTIVE decision based upon what was best for us and the pup.

My situation changed by me taking on some home-based work assignments where there was a need for a quiet background. And with this canine's wail which rivals a colony of sea lions celebrating the arrival of a frozen fish truck, there was conflict. Additionally, a desire to return to some part time travel which reared after we acquired her made it hard for us to fathom toting a 100 pound fur ball around as she struggled with the boredom of an 1/8 acre backyard, much less with 250 sq ft. As for Teri, she battles situational blood  pressure and Sadie could spike it in a heartbeat. Ultimately, it came down to finding a forever home that would  put her in a better situation than she had here. Let's see how that worked out.

Her new owner's leather couch--fast asleep with warm laundry on her face...oh the spoils....

A family with 4 kids where, per the mom, Sadie will pick which one to sleep with is where she will spend her night time hours now. The home is on 1 acre in a gated community where as the lone pet she will get all the attention. The mom stays at home and the dad wanted a pup to join him for evening exercise walks, which she excelled at. Their Vet is a personal friend who will come to their home when Sadie is in need of any kind of care. Best of all, she is only 22 miles east of us and I have been invited to stop by and see her when I want. I am waiting two weeks so she can establish she has a new home rather than a long term boarding.

And yes, picking up her yard toys, putting away her wash tub and every other reminder has been tear-jerking, but such is life, filled with imperfect decisions, which acquiring her and then rehoming her both became. Probably most disheartening is letting down our youngest son who had become her best visiting friend, by far. Life will go on celebrating the many joyous  moments she brought us.

Speaking of work assignments, I had mentioned in a prior blog post doing quality insurance testing for a company called  American Well, part of the soaring tele-medicine field. It got me to thinking of its various benefits, including how it blends in well with the RV-ing community, whether part-time or full-time. Starting Oct 1st, they go with a 24 hour schedule and licensed in all 50 states.

If you are away and need to be seen for the usual mundane ailment (sinusitis, allergies, urinary tract infections, rashes, strep throat, etc), what a great option for you on the road that let's you solve it from the comfy of your rig. You get a 10 minute consult using video/audio where the doc cuts to the chase upon sign-in all for a fee of $49. They do work with many insurance companies, as well, and will write a prescription to the pharmacy you desire in your traveling area. As full-timers, you will have to mention your domicile state to make sure you are  connected with a doctor  who is licensed in that state.

I actually had the chance to test with 5 doctors on their  production environment this past weekend. During testing, we just chat about whatever we want until the ten minute timer elapses so I had plenty of time to explore my inquisitive nature. Their next phase will be kiosks offered to employees of larger businesses where they will  roll  out  digital stethoscopes, thermometers and ear probes that can be used by the " virtual patient" to help expand their ailments menu which they can see you for. And you  RV folks thought electric awnings were cool! But I did warn their development staff that a kiosk with stirrups, a robotic hand for pap smears and male hernia testing would probably be crossing the boundary of  technology.

That's it from Central Texas...


  1. Congratulations on finding Sadie a good forever home.

    Did I miss something? I thought you sold the truck and fifth wheel. It sounds like you are going to do a little camping.

    1. I have a goal not to suffer through another Tx summer. RV'ing again is certainly an option, but most likely a Class C without a toad and just reside in an area closer to a metropolitan area where Enterprise rental for the cheap could bring us over a car on weekends (great rates) to use. Otherwise, disconnect hook ups and use the Class C.

  2. We had a similar situation with a dog years about mixed emotions. In the end, it worked out best for everyone.
    Thanks for sharing the virtual doctor stuff. Yes, very handy for RVer's. You and Teri will find the perfect balance between home and RVing that works for YOU.