Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Checking In....

Day 16 of the Wilmington, NC tour of 2012. Progress seemingly seems stuck between slow and stop. What last week was Friday or Monday for the truck to hit the paint booth has turned into Tuesday or Wednesday. Tis the way of the insurance and the collision worlds.

The RV has passed its inspection, been powered up and ready to go. We became inhabitants again this past Saturday. Full hookups, local TV and wi-fi---well, wi-fi is 2 miles away at the McDonalds, so we are arm wrestling for Teri’s I-phone once an hour. She has some nice biceps developing. Sort of miss the hotel cable networks, but it was becoming scary every afternoon watching “The First 48 Hours”, “I Almost Got Away With It”, etc. as I looked over at the wife discreetly taking notes on her laptop. Run Forest Run!

As seemingly has been our luck since the journey began, we seem stuck in the weather pattern of “unseasonable”, “above average”, “below average”, “historical”, “record setting” fill-in-the blank forecast. Hurricane Sandy kept us confined for a weekend, followed last weekend by T-storms and golf ball sized hail circling above us and now we have coastal beach temps at night in the upper 30s—in early Nov. But it’s supposed to be gorgeous--- after we leave. We would have been wealthy if there would have been a tip jar for us as we exited every town.

Oh, and small market news reporters, woah— it’s like they grab every girl who took 2nd place in the local beauty contest and tell her “read this teleprompter, wear something low-cut and get those teeth whitened once a month”. 

 Remnants awaiting their final destination to the metal scrap heap. 

 “Alex, I will take Least Favorite Campgrounds for $400”. Oh well, free is easy on the budget.

Hoping to be out of here by Thursday, but not counting our paint gallons before they are shook.


  1. check out this app. . .it's the one we use for our Droid's but they also have one for IPhones. . .turns it into a HotSpot. . .we've used it for a couple of years. . .love it! One time fee. . .


    ReadyToGoFullTimeRVing Blog

  2. We will keep our fingers crossed you can leave by Thursday!!! Saw a job listing in Florida today for work camping...it was at a "clothes optional" RV park. Interested?? Ha ha!

  3. Wishing the best for the truck to get done on time this time.

    A year from now this will be just another of life's memories. I know this doesn't help you any, but it has opened our eyes to what we can face if we have a situation happen like yours. I hope the rest of 2012 and all of 2013 goes well for you guys.