Wednesday, November 21, 2012


7 days, just shy of 1,100 miles, Myrtle Beach, SC-Lake Charles, LA, where we will rest for Thanksgiving on the road. We sit just shy of 35 miles from the Lone Star state border- good, stiff westerly breeze and we might just get a whiff of some home grown Texas BBQ.

Yellow means yield--as in stay 2 lanes over and 100 yards back. The two closest near hits in this 11K mile journey involved truck rentals, no doubt inexperienced yahoos who still think they are in their daily driver.

To the average eye, that appears to be a washboard. In reality, that is a picture of I-12, westbound, from Baton Rouge, La. to Lafayette. There were more bumps than an experimental group testing out a new cure for acne.

 So you want to pay half-price via Passport America, then we will give you half a picnic table.

Ok, my astute wife spotted their nifty solution---they redeemed themselves--- combo picnic table and bench.

Rv'ers are an ingenious bunch. Hey, when you don't have kickstands, just grab the 6 ft aluminum ladder and convert it into a bike storage unit.

Nothing spells stability like drying off sitting on a bar stool on a wet floor in a campground bathroom.

Hat tip to Newmann, a faithful mentor I found over at and who is currently residing in La. for recommending Steamboat Bills, possibly the best meal we have had on this journey. A Boudin ball, red beans&rice, shrimp pistolettes and shrimp platter. All is well in the land of Cajun.

What the final journey will look like---those 16 states were the only ones Mr. Barnum and Ms. Bailey did not traverse through. There will always be next time...via a Gulfstream V business jet.

Here is wishing all of you who have stopped by since our journey began 7.5 months ago a Happy Thanksgiving!

Off to Texas on Friday, HookEm! Day 228.


  1. You and your journeys will be missed.

    But, what was with missing Missouri on your travels. As you know, we love Texas brisket but you missed out on some great BBQ ribs Kansas City style.

    Please let all of your followers know where you finally end up.

    1. Will do and will blog til we no longer inhabit the rv...we were planning Ozark area when we left Denver, but forecast in July was way too hot there, so we went north...