Sunday, November 11, 2012

On The Road Again...

After spending an unplanned 19 days in Wilmington, NC, this party of two is back on the road. A bit of uneasiness, as would be expected, on our 80 mile commute south on Friday to Myrtle Beach, but all in all, uneventful.



Yes, the first morning after arriving into Myrtle Beach--BLOWOUT on Teri's bike. Can we please revist the wooden wheel.

The good luck of finding payola, which I blogged about a few months ago, laying on the ground continues. Day #1 arriving at the repair center, now fondly known to us as Kollisions Of America resort, the crispy Georgy was on my path. On our departure date, a quarter appeared. We are now only $1,482.00 short of our out of pocket expenses from the accident. For the curious, GMAC on the truck and National Interstate insurance on the RV were very responsive. All total, including statuatowry rape, insurance covered right at $10,000.

Oh, almost forgot. The No Pot Squat streak is over. For the first time in 212 days, I had to stare at my kneecaps using the RV's bathroom as my dump station--pun intended. Yup, no facilities at the collision center after hours, other than a bush along side the state highway. Thanks for cheering me on as I did my best to honor all of you to keep the streak alive! But the good news, a new one has started.

Arriving at Ocean Lakes--voted America's favorite RV park in 2011-2012, Myrtle Beach, SC. YES, that is their campground map spread out on our floor. I informed the lady at the counter when she handed it to me that we only had an extended cab pickup and wasnt sure if I could open it up in our truck. 900 campground sites at this mega resort on the Atlantic Ocean. We are in the top left red section.

 The sun coming up over the Atlantic from our bedrrom window. We are 167 feet away from the sand.

Yes, their camping cabins. Seriously.

                                            Awesome Fun Center---pictured is Evil Knivel.

 One of 3....

Their own post office....

How Teri spells H-A-P-P-Y.

All for only $38 per night. Off season rate. Oh, and an off season that has 70 degree highs and 50 degree lows. Count us in on that plan.

But all was not joyful this week as with heavy hearts we lost 2 acquaintances, the first a police officer I worked with for 5 years who was tragically killed by another police officer in a case of friendly fire. Second, Sherry, who was a follower of our journey and a full time RVer, passed away after a 3 month struggle with complications secondary to a lung transplant. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Yes, emotions-heart strings-tugging for us over the past 3 weeks.

Day 220...with mixed feelings...some humor....some life....and death.


  1. That news of your fellow officer was in our central IL paper as I remember reading "friendly" and wondered why they described it in that term...such sadness for the family! And the YOUNG woman...heartfelt thoughts for all!
    See an empty chair on the beach - I want to be sitting next to Terri!!

  2. Wow. Just wow. Heartfelt prayers continue for you and Terri, and have added your two friends and their families. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing (sans #5, grin). I'm glad you guys are getting some true R&R, rubber tires and all.

  3. Sincere condolences for your loss. . .any day at the beach is a good day though!

    ReadyToGoFullTimeRVing Blog

  4. Heart felt thoughts coming your way on those you lost.

    At the same time, I am so happy you are on the road again even if it was for only 80 miles the first trip. Very nice park. The pool and beach look inviting.

    Go down on Murrells Inlet for some excellent sea food. It was many years ago and we ate at a couple of places which were both excellent.

  5. I was all smiles at your beautiful RV stop...the beach, the pools...aahhhh! But then to read about losing your friends, my heart fell. Mixed emotions in the span of a few minutes.

    So happy you guys are back on the road!! Take care and be safe!