Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Craigslist--Some Skills Required

Isn't Craiglslist hunting fun? I would suspect many of us RV'ers started our journey at their site. The only 2 RV's we seriously pursued were on Craigslist and ended up buying the second one. Even as we traveled I checked their local city listings, mostly out of curiosity, but at one point was seeking a men's bike as we trekked through AZ and CA. 

Now that we have decided to stay in the Austin area, a search for a big city, economical car has begun. So, we are back spectating at the Cars and Trucks link over at Craigslist. 

Anyone who knows me knows my strategy--I buy the person more than I do the item. I don't have a high standard for spelling, but I expect the 3 letter words to be pretty much spot on. If you are a "dealer" but list it over at the "by owner" link, you are immediately dismissed from consideration.  If you can't state the basics which include year/make/model/mileage/price, the ax chops you

Finally, my biggest peeve, pictures please. No pictures, no chance---this is Craigslist, not blind dating. And if you include photos, make an effort to present an informative image. In my most recent search, I snagged a few photos of sellers who couldn't spell KODAK if you spotted them the K-O-D-A. These pictures are completely unaltered. I came up with a caption I WANTED to email back to them, but because my 2013 resolutions of happier, gentler, kinder, more peaceful Dave are still fresh, opted not to.

Is the zoom lens back at the camera shop?

Can you let me know when the fog clears?

Awesome, I always wanted to buy a 1/4 ton truck stressed out by a 1/2 ton of hay.

You did set the parking brake, didn't you?

Thanks for demonstrating both car doors work. (This was the only image for the ad which had no description whatsoever).

I see the furniture in the background, was it easy getting your car into the living room?

Is it still available or did someone steal it over night?

Need some quarters for the car wash?

Is the car limited only to members of Little People of America?

I can't tell where your truck ends and darkness begins.

 Fred Flintstone, is that you?

Expecting high winds tonight? (Listed as perfectly drivable car)

Your listing said "clean interior"--please define "clean" for me. 

 I am 6 ft 2 in., think I can squeeze in the cab?

I  am convinced your car is clean. Grandpa included as a chauffeur?

 If I pay full price, promise to buy Photoshop V 13.0?

There you go, sellers at Craigslist who have no idea how poor images influence the number of responses they receive.  

Doan't even geet me starded on grumadical content that is scene with these adds, thats another hole post!'s

And what's up with the hyper-links? Blogger, where one never knows why changes are made, and perhaps, they don't even know.

The journey continues in monsoon Austin....


  1. Thx for the free lafs....tears rolling down my sheeks !

  2. The FUNNIEST post I have seen - EVER! Well done David - well done! I'm STILL laughing!

    1. The consequence of being parked for long periods of time, not much to add in the RV world....

  3. yep that pretty well sums it up... we too bought our RV on Craigslist (in nearby Austin nonetheless)

    1. and there will be a new listing in the Austin CL Rv section soon :)...with pics oriented correctly...

    2. Ha Ha I love this. One time I was looking on Craigslist and a car was for sale with 6 hard core gang bangers standing around it. The as said protected by snake. I was wondering if anybody had enough minerals to actually go look at it. I was also wondering if they would make it out alive.

  4. Autotempest=1 stop shopping, great site...

  5. Ahhhh, have been gone a while - missed my "David" humor. Glad you're back, errrr, I mean - glad I'm back. LOL. I SO wish I could buy your RV - oriented pics or not. Good luck, and Happy New Year to you and Teri.