Wednesday, June 6, 2012


 Hello Utah.....

Howdy Wyoming....

Goodbye to both. Pretty much how I feel about those 2 states. Actually, they each have their attributes, just seemed we were pretty determined to be mobile for a few days for the first time during this journey. We skirted the Great Salt Lake, it's big and still there. Salt Lake City/Ogden are notorious for their museums, but I get to see an aged relic each morning I shave, so really not much interest in it for me.

Wyoming, what can you say--- "Where men are men and sheep are afraid". It is the least populated state in the USA with only half a million country folks. Wyoming is cowboy speak for wind--relentless. We had to hunker down second night in Rawlins due to 50 mph forecasted gales along our route. When we finally did leave, it was a 630 a.m. departure and a gorgeous ride, all be it 37 degrees at daybreak. Yes, another Flip Flop flop.

We are now tucked away along the Big Thompson River between Loveland, CO. and the Rocky Mountain National Park. We weren't even unhitched when wifey commented, "Oh yeah, I could stay here for a month". Teri and I lived 20+ years in Colorado and we know June is the time to be here. We will be here for over a week. No museums, no wind---just great memories brought back to life of our 2 decades in the best Summer state in the USA.

We have family close and our youngest son and my mother-in-law will be flying in next weekend from Austin, Tx. so we can mingle. And eat. So, there will be some significant down-time, which may result in less blogging. You're welcome.

Time to cogitate on our first two months of RV'ing. Nearing 4,000 miles and having traveled from Austin,Tx-Grand Canyon-Monterey Beach-Portland-Boise and now Colorado, we treated it like a whirlwind vacation. For a combination of reasons, this past week (driving 800 miles), and more so, the past 24 hrs , were not Hallmark relationship moments. I wasn't sure after I awoke from my 45 minute nap (I hadn't slept in 26 hours), whether I would be greeted by Dr.Phil or some guy asking what size straight jacket would work best for me. Ah well, a little fresh mountain air, light breezes and birds cooing goes along way to restoring the soul.

I do believe now we are going to discern the "best of the best" strategies we have enjoyed and deploy those after our 3 week visit here. Driving 4K miles in the next 60 days will not make the list.

Day 62, the journey continues rests and reflects in Colorado.

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  1. Glad to hear that you are taking a well deserved rest! "Kick your shoes off. Sit a spell. Y'all come back now - when you're ready - ya here?" :)