Sunday, June 10, 2012

Random Acts of RV'ing V 5.0

Yes, more random musings from this full-time, RV journey and sabbatical from the rigors of a real job often mixed with "what were they thinking" moments.

At a general aviation airport near a campground: "No unauthorized persons beyond this point"-- is suggesting a fence too much?

As I trekked to my nightly visit to the shower facility, I thought it was a cool sight seeing the full moon climb between the RV Park sign. It's also a good business decision to not put your name on the sign to save the revolving door of RV ownership parks the expense of elevating a new sign 80 feet into the air.

An RV rant-- why do campgrounds insist on putting rigs in side-by-side spaces when they have numerous to choose from, many shady, on a day with temps in the 90s? Furthermore, they face us with the neighbor. Finally, they claim we are in a pull-thru slot, when in reality, it will work if my tow vehicle is a VW bug. The next shift employee then promised not to occupy the spot behind us so we could back out--2 hrs later it was filled. A planned 2 day stay became 1. End rant.

Begin new rant. Exterior wall insulation in a traditional home is rated in "R" values. I believe R15 is the industry standard. For 5th wheelers in our price range, I don't know if the alphabet ever reached "R". More than likely, our insulation is the Gauze Pad by Johnson&Johnson. So, when we were toasting in our green house effect RV on the day I described above, we hustled up the quilts, sheets and even a sweatshirt and hung them using the ever trusted push-pin technology. I rated it at a R(edneck) value of 10. End rant, again.

When this type of driving is what you stare at out the front windshield most of the day complimented by 20mph crosswinds, it becomes easy to---------

---------justify the purchase of a lil Ben &Js from the campground store. Oh, and the reason my wife stores Eggo waffles upside down is-------dunno.

I enter the campground restroom and I see the toilet, a sink and this sitting bench---huh? I know their value in a shower area as a place to towel off and change. I am a proponent of campground etiquette so I become deeply concerned. Well, probably not deeply. Am I to disrobe before sitting on the pot, seems a bit much to ask. Was I suppose to bring the wife to spectate, encourage and toss M&Ms? RV parks have more rules than a pastor watching his twin, teen daughters walk out of the house on their first date and I just want to make sure I am in compliance.

There you go, Round Five of "firsts to me" is complete. Hope you enjoyed wasting as much time reading this as I did preparing it.

Journey continues, day 65.

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