Thursday, June 28, 2012

Random Acts of RV'ing Version 7.0

More untold stories of surviving the full-time RV lifestyles filled with behind the scene musings of the people and sights of this journey over the past ten days in Colorado.

I must have missed the Camping World "Renaissance Era Clothing Sale".

Recall the previous post of our Johnson & Johnson gauze pad insulation in our rig that guarantees at least a 2 degree temperature spread between inside and outside temperature. Well, as we travel in Summer temperatures, I have found a benefit of this poorly insulated rig--open up that cabinet right there at about 8pm on a June evening and those store brand cookies taste just like Nestle's Toll House morsels exiting the oven.

Campground signage that sent me into a deep depression. Next thing you know someone will tell me the tooth fairy is a hoax. Oh well, there is always Santa Claus.

Some of our Colorado friends who stopped to visit drove a different type of sedan...

SCORE! Met up with a wonderful friend and former co-worker of 20+ years who gifted us with one of these. She also bought lunch. See, I can resemble a "good friend" at times.

As she strolls down the marina dock in her best pageant stride, these were some of our 7 year old niece's observations who spent two days with us at Chatfield State Park in Littleton, Colorado--"Can you kill this ant for me"..."This dragon fly is annoying me"..."It is boring time"..."It is so hot walking, can you give me a piggy-back ride"...and my favorite---"I love camping".

We just returned from the annual Narcissists Convention-- how we doing? Actually, we got this idea from another blogger who we met in Idaho who struggled with the common plague of "Campground Shyness". So, it is merely a conversation starter, like a big pimple oozing from one's forehead.

WOW-- a new record for us, 3 weeks in a single state--Colorado. After reuniting with many friends, co-workers and family, it is time to bid farewell to the Centennial State (and the record heat). We arrived in Loveland, CO. where the 2nd largest fire in the state's history was 6 miles from us. When we moved to Chatfield State Park, we were 40 miles from the Colorado Springs blaze. All coincidental, we are not traveling arsonists.

Where to next? The Lady Eagle's (the most boring RV name evah--can I get a suggestion or two folks?) air conditioner has informed us she needs a rest. Our blog subtitle is "In search of an 80 degree forecast"--guess God has a sense of humor or I needed to be more precise 'cause 80 degrees was pretty much the NIGHTLY LOWS! Did I mention we were in Colorado? Back north we must go, more precisely northeast from here. It looks like the mecca vacation state of Nebraska for a few days, then the 360 heading to Sioux Falls, SD.

Day # 86-- a number I want to see on the 5-day forecast.....the journey continues...


  1. Nebraska. *drool* We're around Flagstaff and loving the temps.

    Where did you get the URL sticker? I just can't GET enough attention.

    I hate to imagine what it was like under your pillow as a kid.

  2. Yep, he got the idea from us. Here's a link to our blog about where we got the lettering.