Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Random Acts of RV'ing V. 6.0

More intriguing observations from this lifestyle we call full-time RV'ing. An inside look to give you better insight on making the plunge that we did.

RV'ing on a budget. Feel free to donate so we can afford a handle.

How do you select your favorite campground site? Trees? Pool? Kids' activities? Remoteness? Well, if you are a loser like me, "Proximity to Wi-Fi tower" would be the correct answer. This was the view from our window.

When Mr. Can't Fix-It packed for this full-time journey, I must have had been burdened by some subliminal thoughts that indicated I was proned to losing hammers.

Nothing adds more to the ambiance of camping than a couple pair of rubber ducks permanently attached to the pond bottom. I was tempted to walk up to the office with a stoic face and inquire, "Do you sell duck food?". You know, just to get a reaction.

May I share a "first world" camping problem with you. Why is it water bottle manufacturers can't thicken the base of their containers to prevent "empty water bottle tip-over" syndrome? It tips my attitude over the edge each time this occurs.

Our junior flip-flops, Cameron (tallest) and Austin (almost tallest), were able to join us over Father's Day weekend in Denver--first time all 4 of us have been gathered for this special weekend in 3 years. Yes, their height comes from me (weight to arrive later), the rest of their fine attributes from their mom.

A story of grandiose plans gone awry. He was parked right across from us in Golden, CO.the day they announced the journey was on a new path (6-14-12 entry). There is probably not a single full-time RV'er that has not been near this intersection. Unlike ours,they have a very well done blog site and one I hope they can resume a together-life that is amicable to both.

Being we have 3 weeks in the Denver area with plenty of resources, the Jr. Ark went in for some preventative maintenance work--oil change, fuel filter and new air filter--everything else checked out fine. The Lady Eagle went in for 4 new tires as they had reached their 5 year RV life expectancy. The wallet is now broken down.

Our time in Denver is now about half over with 10 days remaining. The next destination is still up in the air, although after suffering through record heat for a week (yes, in Denver it can touch a 100), I do believe the heading indicator will be set to "360". It is the time of the year where full time RV'ers change their preferred RV park amenities to: 1) Electric 2) Shade 3) Pool.

The journey continues hopefully towards cooler weather 76 of 365....

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  1. "...afford a handle." Har!

    That was a poignant tale, well-told, by that RVing couple.