Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Random Acts of RV'ing, V 16.0, Central New Yawk!

Time sure does fly, even when you feel like you are doing nothing. Any optimism of finding my grandma's homestead ended after our first day into the area. So be it, I exhausted every option I had to find it.

While we had planned at least one day of exploring by bike or foot, the weather did us in with a soaker for an entire day yesterday and continued today. It is those days which are becoming more frequent that really make me reflect on this journey. I do not read. I do not watch TV during the day. I do not walk malls. I do not arts and craft. I cannot have a dart board. I do not sit well and stare out fogged windows. I do not snuggle. I have finished the Internet. Yes, stir meets crazy on those days. Rest easy, I have concluded my next career will not be working as your Entertainment Coordinator at the old folk's home.

We errantly expected a bit more flexibility in being able to depart from inclement weather. The reality is to fit campground fees into a moderate budget, you almost have to search for a weekly rate. And I assure you, the words "refunds" and "RV park" have never met each other, especially for the reason of poor weather. Ideally, I like where the daily rate minus any membership discount equals the weekly rate, as it gives us the most option to simply walk up to the office each day and pay up giving us the most flexibility for a quick departure.

Rant off.

So, pretty much a laid-back week. If you are out of your sleep-inducing drugs, not to fret, I have a non-addicting substitute---this post.

We ventured to Central N.Y. for the sole purpose of trying to find my grandmas final residence which she lived in the year she passed away, 41 years ago, in the hamlet of Deansboro. The town is so small the US Census Bureau just leaves a clipboard on a telephone pole for everyone to sign up and swings by the next day to collect it. My twin sister had provided some fairly decent landmark info. Well, sadly, no luck. But the countryside, still stunning on this cool September day.

Well, since our one reason for being in this area fizzled, decided to get some "work" done. With as many times as I have been on our roof, I do believe I meet the minimum qualifications to be Santa Claus. The protection around the vent had begun to deteriorate (cracking, discoloring), so time for some new lap sealant. And when you are doing stories on preventative maintenance, you really have reached a new low in RV blogging.

Wolah---the final product. "Self-leveling" caulk pretty awesome concept--shoot a bead down the middle of the path and it spreads out on its own. But, at $10 a tube, it should do something special. Yes, I did have an insatiable craving for a vanilla frosted cupcake when I was done.

Pepi's Pizza, since 1960 in Oneida, New York, scrumptious! But our GPS almost caused us to lose our appetite as she announced "You have arrived, PeePee's Pizza". Girlfriend really needs her some "Hooked on Phonics".

The obligatory exercising photo always shall follow the porkulus eating snapshot. We are pretty much nearing the final week of the 5K training program, about 4 weeks ahead of schedule or so. Finished almost 2.5 miles today of uninterrupted running without a ton of effort, perhaps pounding the pavement in the 50 degree temperature and rain helped.

Are you asleep yet....if not, continue reading......

Sneak peak, #2. The final segment of this 3 part effort will be the most time and money consuming-- solving the 70's era, Quaalude-influenced furniture coverings.Target date: October 10th. This year.

Night life at the Lady Eagle discotheque.The party really gets going when Teri gets on the picnic table. Hula hoop by day, table top dancing by night. Hoping the tips are forthcoming so we can avoid that whole workkamping thing.

The Turning Broke Stone Casino. As a new member, they hand you a $10 play card. Went over to the nickel machine (higher stakes for us) and yanked on the one-armed bandit--2nd pull, hit a $67 payout. Collected the cash, surrendered gifted it to Teri as this was her birthday week (yeah, we have to celebrate 7 days around here) and called it a night. Big spenders, bigger partiers. It was dark, had to get back to the picnic table.

Sleep well my fellow readers....

Off to central Pennsylvania in the morning...praying for sun...journey continues, day 164. 


  1. I want a bigger peek than that of the decor :O) Oct 10 - I've got on my calendar! Hope you get your sunshine tomorrow!

  2. After experiencing a rain delay day last Friday and going crazy, I can now sympathize with you about the rainy weather! And, but the way, I did not go to sleep reading your post. It was funny and enjoyable, as always!

    P.S. Tell Teri I love her running shoes!! I don't have a pair that color!

    1. Thanks K and J...and can you believe when we are out, more people notice her shoes than mine?

  3. Sleep inducing blog, from you? Never! Entertaining as always, and sorry, the dweeb in me just has to say thanks for the preventive maintenance tip. I really appreciate it Santa. Happy birthday week Teri! ;)

  4. Thanks Deb, glad someone stayed awake thru it..