Sunday, September 30, 2012

Some Chocolate Goodness Topped With Some RV Randomness,V 18.0

Is there a town that makes you smile more than a town named Hershey, PA.? Well, some might say the Amish community of Intercourse, PA., but that makes me blush. Regardless, it was a joyful four days in the Ciudad de Chocolate'. For the first time in months, we had a campground that was close enough to walk into town and have coffee, buy groceries, etc.

Pretty much the one place where a husband is expendable. It is relatively cheap therapy.

Reese's--the reason there is no Chocolate's Anonymous--cause no one wants to quit!

I know my gutter reading audience is thinking my thoughtful, budget-conscience wife is all gowned up to perform her hubby's colonoscopy, but you are incorrect. We were actually suited up to prepare our own candy bar at the Hershey factory.

Only if "H" stood for Hershey. I could pay someone else to write this blog.

The milk chocolate fountain spilling its caloric drizzle onto my dark chocolate bar. I have thought about giving up chocolate, but I don't want to be called a quitter.

and final process of packaging where we were allowed to create our own label!

Wolah. And it appears one of the two of us is a bit more possessive of their chocolate.

and now for some RV randomness after spending 10 days in the Keystone State....

Imagine yourself asleep in a fifth wheeler. Now mix in a steady rain. What do you hear the rest of the night-- the equivalent of 12 popcorn poppers in full blown kernel production. Thus is life sleeping in a 5th wheeler on a stormy night. And yes, I have a fan on and ear plugs. Mind numbing.


 I got busted for doing 6.75 in the campground...running. old Wanderlodge in our campground with a creative name..

Anyone else frustrated with speaking to campground folks who really have not been adequately trained to take your reservation? I contacted one asking if they had a discount for campground memberships (Passport America, Good Sam's, etc). This was her response: "We will honor a 10% discount for Sam's Club". What da hey you say--Sam's Club?? I was expecting to arrive at the campground to see 8 picnic tables and 6 fire rings at my site.

Gorgeous row of Weeping Willows at our Hershey, PA. campground. Speaking of weeping, pretty much what we did taking a look at our September budget for the "RV Parks" line item. NY and PA, two places we will not be returning to. We even had four "weekly" rates mixed in and came in 50% over budget.Oh, and in October, we start out in New Jersey followed by D.C.---no rest for the weary bank account.

Our next post, a look at our budget at the 6 month anniversary of full-timing RV!

Day number 175, the journey continues east southeast tomorrow for a 100 mile ride into Clarksboro, NJ, right across the Delaware River from Philly. Craving me a cheese steak!


  1. Hey hey for cheesesteak!!! Thumbs up over a chocolate bar anytime...find a coupon though :O)
    PS...tell that sweet thing of yours...the whole weekend I kept thinking no cloth napkins, I betta grab an old washcloth. And didnt wipe up the sogging bathroom with paper towel...I used my used wash towel. I'm learning :O)

  2. The Northeast is very expensive, and not just for campgrounds! You're leaving now, though, at prime leaf-peeping season?? Shame :-). Did yo happen to visit Watkin's Glen while in New York? Beautiful, well worth the trip.

    1. A/K, have seen the start of leaf peeps, and will remain in the general area for another 2 weeks, plus drifting down to VA and NC mid Oct, so plenty of opp!

  3. When Jerry and I attended the RV Dreams Rally last September, we loved Hershey Pennsylvania! Of course, we didn't have our fifth-wheel yet and didn't know the campground fees are so expensive.

    Jerry laughs at the 5mph signs. Even I run a little faster than that. Ha!!

  4. I forgot that Kim, u did mention Hershey the night we met up with ya'll. Safe travels---woops, I mean safe work :)