Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Random Acts, V 17.0, Pocono'ing

Another relaxing week, guess that makes it 23 consecutive in this lifestyle. Had a great time in central PA., specifically, Lewisburg, visiting one of Teri's "pretend friends". Actually, she met them all on-line 6 years ago and, with the exception of this one, she had never personally met any of them, hence "pretend". Part of this journey's goal was to visit as many as she could in person. Kristen is the 3rd we have seen of the dozen she has befriended.

Enjoy the usual hodge-podge of reporting the RV lifestyle from my perspective. A lot of randomness and useless info mixed in together, all for no purpose other than to say "we have a travel blog, too".

Signs you don't want to see when entering a campground. Almost 1 year ago to the date, the sign on the apex of the picnic table roof is where the flooding water mark was at the campground we stayed at this week in Lewisburg, PA. Eight inches of rain in a matter of a few hours!

What town looked like...YES, as full-timers living in a floating aluminum can, we must be ever vigilant of the weather.

Pennsylvania or Transylvania? Calendar confused. First, we had Christmas in July in Montello, WI, now Halloween in September in Lewisburg, PA. Yes, campgrounds exhaust every option to create theme weekends in their 3 month peak season. I still await the "Fat Man BBQ, Beer & Ice Cream Palooza".

The weather was gorgeous for the first 6 days in PA. One of my favorite parts of the journey has been grillin'. With this lifestyle, it help in 2 ways: 1) Reduces heating up the inside of the aluminum tube. 2) Picnic tables are much larger than RV counter tops. The co-pilot was right in concluding it would be well used. 

Update on the 5k training run. At our RV park this week, we were scheduled to run 2.5 miles so Teri mapped it out and I trusted her (*cough,cough*). Off we went. Well, the time it took us to run it did not match up. Got back, went and verified and sure enough, we just ran 3.1 miles, Woot, we finished the Accidental 5k! As Teri outlines on her blog, she wants to continue to focus on improving time. Good thing as I was a bit perturbed by the turtles creek-side taunting us.

 Sneak Peak #3 of the comb-over make-over.

Have we mentioned before maintenance of an RV for a full-timing rig can be a bit work intensive? I believe it was just the last post. The Eternabond seam tape is peeling back from our slider top. "Eterna", from the word eternal, ever-lasting, well, until it isn't. A bear to pull off the old, requiring a purchase of a new blow dryer (photo center), to heat up the bonding agent so it would loosen.

This was the last time I needed a blow dryer. I was a Birds' Nest for Halloween that year. Now back to regular scheduled programming.

Sightseeing is over rated. Much more fun in this adventure to pull out a few tools. A couple hours of prep work removing the old and then applying the new.

...and wolah, done, with rain, of course, in the forecast...

Weekly rant. What gives with placing mile markers every one-tenth of a mile? I researched it because I have way more time than you to waste. It costs taxpayers on average $7K to stick the extra 9 signs in per mile. Reason given--so drivers can more accurately report their location in case of need. Uhhh---1) Phase two 911 can put you within 200 feet 2) Your data plan on your cell phone can as well 3) Not to mention your GPS 4) Don't have any of those, pretend like you are performing CPR on your partner, I am sure someone will stop or 5) presuming there is no obvious landmark, like your RV and it's roaring inferno, the furthest you are from the next mile marker is 9/10 of a mile, go look for one.

Dropping temperatures are indicating probably another 7 days before color change. Real close though as a 49 degree reading on our thermometer indicated---oh yeah, that temp was INSIDE our rig. Hey, just trying to create a "real" camping feel and a snuggle environment. Or something.

We now move incrementally toward warmth, about 80 miles southeast to Hershey, PA. They are famous for something, do not recall at this time what it is, will keep you apprised in a week or so.

Well folks, as usual, thanks for stopping by and wasting 2 minutes of your time that will never be returned to you as this is a No Refund blog. Time to go style my hair.

Day 170, the journey continues.


  1. Ahem, I found an error on your blog. The link "her blog" I assume should go to Teri's blog. It just opens up the graphic of the guy running through the ribbon. You're welcome. This does not give you permission to knit pick MY blog.

    1. Nice find. No, nitpicking would have been me not giving credit to the photo source, which I have determined to be over-rated.

  2. Hi David
    Just stopping over from Teri's site.....

    I LOVE your site - you are VERY FUNNY! I know I'm enjoying myself when Derek looks at me funny wondering why I'm laughing out loud - obviously something I don't do often.


    We're over at www.alifemadesimple.blogspot.com.

  3. Thanks Teresa. As I tell folks, it is the people and sites we trip over on this adventure that make it funny and stimulate my rant bone.

  4. What town looked like...YES, as full-timers living in a floating aluminum can, we must be ever vigilant of the weather.

    WOW! What cool mod did you make that lets yours float?

    I had a "fro" back in my youth also. Must of been that "Mod Squad" thing.

  5. The FRO thing was my my girlfriend's idea, who is now my wife..I am just glad I still have enough hair to make a 2nd version of it, should she desire it again...doubtful..

  6. Cracking up as usual.... Trying to think of a humorous reply...must be too early for me :O)

  7. Congrats on running your "unofficial" 5K!!

    Jerry and I also wondered the same thing in Missouri...the way too frequent mile markers. And we honestly did say the same thing, "What a waste of money."

    Enjoyed reading, as usual.

  8. Thanks Kim..we still run 3x per week, think I convinced her to run 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, on Mon/Wed/Fri, til we get to an official race...

  9. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading your blog. Since I am the husband of one your wife's "pretend friends" we will hopefully see you guys in a month or so. Please let me know if you find the campground hosting the "Fat Man BBQ, Beer & Ice Cream Palooza", we will certainly want to visit.

  10. We must have had the same hair stylist back in the day. This recent trip to New Orleans reminded me of a past fro I once sported. Whatever were we thinking?

  11. "Pretend" friends definitely turn into real ones when you meet. Like our neighbors Jerry and Kim! Not sure they were even "pretend" friends when we suggested they come stay next to us, but sure glad we did.
    I enjoy reading and who knows, maybe we will become pretend friends too!

  12. Concur, C&K, I enjoyed meeting her friends, as well...say hi to J&K....