Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Random Acts of RV'ing V.14-The north shore of Ohio

A week is coming to an end in the town of Conneaut, Ohio, population of about 12,000. Another town born in the mid-1800s, that seems to be stuck there, probably should have named "Ain't-a-laut". Other than the fantabulous public beach along the south shore of Lake Erie, the municipality seemed beleaguered by today's economy---boarded up business windows, deteriorating sidewalks and very little in-town activity.

Mooney's Bakery was awesome though. When informed by the baker she did not have any fresh Bavarian creme donuts, she offered to make us up some in a "matter of minutes". Like most full-time RV'ers, "matters of minutes" are always plentiful. Worth the wait.

And humid here, my gosh. I was checking the weekend calendar of events thinking for certain the Mildew and Mold Festival had rolled into town. You know it's bad when all the bugs parading through the grass are wearing snorkels. 

That's a wrap from here. As usual, enjoy a few photos of the blight sights and sounds of the area, as we will move em on out tomorrow and head to the eastern edge of Buffalo, New York.

Labor Day weekend at the campground--NO VACANCY.

 The day after Labor Day...all gone, except our rig and the seasonals.

A Labor Day, campground flea market in Conneaut, OH. resulted in this brand new find for $2--on the 1st day of college football. HookEm!

One always gets concerned when a late 80's rig pulls up next to you. In this case, a sixty-something couple who decided to host a Karaoke party. Brought out everyone in the campground from the Knee-cap Replacement generation. "Achy-Breaky Heart" was 1st on their playlist. As midnight rolled around, I was thinking it was going to be "Achy-Breaky Heart Attack".

On the shores of Lake Erie, the tenth largest lake in the world. Our marriage, mathematical equation: Beach+Teri=Happiness. Bucket list item-check.The last time I saw a smile that big on her face was the day she met me, her kids moved out, she quit working I retired she last ate a Torchy's Taco.

Need to check the budget to see if we have enough for bond money once I steal these two.

Shirt box...conflict.

What it looks like in our rig on my night to cook. After my last disaster of meal preparation of the Mac & Cheese Hamburger Helper where I observed the flies at the campground had gotten together and were patching up the hole in our rig's screen door, I knew my cooking life would be short lived.

The journey continues as we celebrate our FIFTH MONTH ANNIrvERSARY today!


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    Where are you planning on spending your winter this year? I'll be in the snow in Missouri, but it's my last time. ;-)

  2. We are pointing it south in a couple weeks and once we see there are no snow blowers for sale at Home Depot, we will being our search.

  3. Nw that's customer I want a fresh baked donut instead of this darn apple...mouth watering!!

  4. Safe travels to New York you two!! Just reading your posts requires me to run extra miles to burn off the calories I am reading about. Bavarian donuts! Really? Ha!!

  5. We are maintaining weight, not gaining----for now, 7 mos. to go.

  6. 5 months and Teri must be doing something right. Oh wait, Bavarian donuts...yeah I'd be smiling too :-)