Sunday, March 25, 2012


We were in Houston the day before going to the super-mega RV lot to shop and I had an unsettled feeling, one of immense frustration. We had yet to go to the locale where certainly amongst 400+ units we would find something in our price range and I wasn't feeling right. I even quipped to Teri "Forget the RV experience, let' just find us a place in Costa Rica to park our lives for a year".

The next day as I posted here we thought indeed we had found "the one". Well, as you know, we decided against it. We then went to a different lot to pursue another one we had seen and, lo and behold, it had water damage. The next day we would strike out again at two more stops, but, on my way home I told Teri "I have no idea why, but I have a peace about our lack of success. I just feel something else is going to pop up". It was a God-peace kind of thing.

We weren't back more than an hour from our 2 day, 5 stop, 500 mile trip when I got a notification via my Google/Craigslist feeder that a new 5th wheel listing had been launched. I looked it over and, wo-lah, sent Teri an email entitled "This is it".

We bought "This is it" today. The vacillation from motor home to 5th wheel has ended.

It is a 4 year old, pristine 5th wheel rig owned by a retired couple that took meticulous care. They included the remaining 2 years of factory warranty, great tires, all supplies (sewer hoses, chocks, levelers, camping chairs, pots/pans, silverware), an automated awning, flat screen TV with surround sound, etc.

The below YouTube video is one exactly like our buy, except our interior has the not-so lovely blue tones that I will have to solve with some spray paint or Teri's creative designs. Why does it seem like every interior design school flunkey was farmed out to RV manufacturers? They are like walking into a bad 70's LSD trip, even in a 2008 model.

So, "home" shopping is done. Now we need to find the "mobile" piece. While Teri begins the loading process (owner delivering it to us Monday), truck shopping continues. You would think that would be the easy part----in Texas. Who knows, at the price of fuel, maybe we will just install sails and a rudder on this one and call it good.

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  1. You hit the nail square on the head regarding the interior design of these rigs.