Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me....

Well, just when it felt like it was all falling part after two months of hunting for an RV solution (motor home or fifth-wheeler w/truck) and I started tuning up on Costa Rican culture, God put together a plan for us.

First, the pristine fifth-wheeler was acquired. This is where it got interesting as the RV seller rolled up in his nice 2002 (mint condition) F250 diesel, 4x4, super cab, tow vehicle with the industry renown 7.3 engine. When I asked if he wanted to sell it as a package deal, he got the well-recognized, Texas "you ain't taking my truck from me partner" look. But, I did sense what you always look for when you pop such a question-- a pause.

So, I pushed back a little and told him I had a year left to live put on my best Basset hound face and asked him to think about it mentioning he certainly didn't want the hassle of Craigslist trespassers coming to his nice home plus continued insurance and having to remove the hitch, should he decide to sell it later. He emailed me back 24 hrs later and said he did not fit well in the outdoor dog house would happily agree to work out a price.

Now, the mounds of paperwork await us-- insurance on two different vehicles using our South Dakota address....mailing about 10 docs to SD, as well, to get license plates on both rigs...paying SD sales taxes on them both--gulp....

Up next, we will begin to load our belongings, practice driving/hitching up, setting up and await the license plates from South Dakota to arrive, probably about 7 days, or so.

So, while we did our part in stimulating the economy today, there was a bit of a depression that struck the checking account.


  1. Awesome! I just knew u were getting a truck for ur birthday!!

  2. I'm so excited for y'all! Looking forward to hearing about all of your adventures!