Monday, March 19, 2012

Check Out Our New Digs...

We closed at noon on our Texas home sale and courtesy of the supersonic speed of Internet Airlines, we moved to Madison, S.D. four hours later. Any thought by my wife that I am a procrastinator can now be laid to rest.

Since the new space is a bit cramped for an Open House, let me give you a virtual walk-thru:

What we like:
  • Great neighborhood with a nice ethnic mix. While mostly white, there are a few browns mixed in, all different shapes and sizes. A few international visitors, too.
  • Holidays will be very quiet, I mean really quiet.
  • One of the real attractions-- Federal police protection. It's like living on an Indian reservation, without the alcoholics.
  • No worries about sleepless nights, no barking dogs around here!
  • Maintenance free.
  • Our monthly mortgage: $8. We felt it was a steal. And it includes utilities.
  • Downsizing accomplished. 1,747 square feet was a bit too much for empty-nesters, so we are now minimalists-- new pad is 32 square inches.
No sub-division is perfect, so these are our dislikes:
  • Parking can be a bear, especially early mornings and after school/work hours.
  • There may be a few unwelcome guests, but most of the time they are simply lost.
  • Landlords--what cantankerous and snarly folks! They're a bit like the Gestapo, all in their uniforms and such.
You ready to see our property ??? Here ya go....

    That's right, we own ourselves a post office box in Madison, S.D.! I love cookie-cutter subdivisions.

    All perfectly legal as when you sell all your belongings, you get to decide what state you want to domicile in. We picked the RV-friendliest of them all.

    Why South Dakota you ask?
    • No state income tax.
    • 3% sales vehicle/RV sales tax (Texas 6.25%).
    • No annual vehicle inspection/emissions required (Texas 1x per yr).
    • Annual renewals can be done on line and are very affordable.
    • Easy absentee voting process.
    • RV insurance is about 60% less than Texas rates (translate: fewer illegals)
    • The company we are using walks in your vehicle info. Once I buy the RV/truck in TX, I mail our service the docs, they mail me the plates.
    • Mail forwarding can be provided if my in-laws tire of the duties.
    • Cost: $8 per mo., plus postage on mail you decide you want forwarded.
    • The ONLY time you have to appear in person is to get a SD Driver's License. It is $20 and all you do is take a vision test.
    While our hearts will always be in Texas, our wallet has moved to South Dakota! Out with BBQ, in with chislic...

    Tomorrow, off to PPL RV Consignment in Houston, against a forecast of pouring rain for 2 days...oh well, should be easy to check for roof leaks...

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