Wednesday, March 28, 2012


While we have some down time awaiting South Dakota registration documents which will release us to travel, we will do a couple of posts on this transition time from staying with the In Laws to hitting the pavement. Teri is being kept busy cramming carefully strategizing and organizing our belongings into the limited space. My final must do project that is keeping me busy-- selling our 1996 Mazda pickup-- has gone up for sale here.

Since almost all fifth wheelers have their bedroom compartment in front over the hitch, there can be some instability. OK-- we will give you 15 seconds to let your mind dive into your sexual septic tank..........................................................................Ok, thanks for returning to the surface. 

My father-in-law, who just retired himself, had a solution --welding together a tripod stability bar for the fifth wheeler. I did the spray painting (about max performance for my handyman skills). The 4" square metal box atop the jack stand simply ratchets up into the king pin where it rests snugly and assists the front legs in carrying the forward weight. The result is we can snore without the rig looking like an earthquake tremor to our neighbors.

Hat tip to my father-in-law Harry Nunn who actually perfected his welding skills in his late 60's by attending a series of Saturday morning classes at a local community college. I totally believe we are never to old to learn new things!

Best of all, we paid for the materials and we got the favorite son-in-law daughter labor rate-- free.

Countdown to travel continues...


  1. when you gonna test it out?

    (here's hoping neither muddy terrain or 110 degree asphalt cause you to loose control)

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