Sunday, April 1, 2012

Inching closer...

South Dakota license plates are in, a bit disappointed they didn't have my image on their Mount Rushmore logo, guess some certain Pres. wants the next spot. As hard as that head is, probably just super glue it up there. I digress.

So, vehicles are essentially ready, pending a quick run of the behemoth diesel to the shop for a quick overview on Monday. Now the holdup is Amazon, who would have thought. We order from them frequently and never have seen an item get here in longer than 4 days. We ordered several RV essentials last Tuesday, and they are just showing shipped today, but coming from Arizona, estimated delivery is this Tuesday.

We hitched up and went 3 miles for our first adventure---practicing backing the Fifth wheeler in an elementary school parking lot. Glad it was a Sunday, otherwise I would have made national headlines when it was learned I mowed over 25 first graders. My father-in-law, who was present to give me some tips, probably felt like walking up the school to see if they had a Special Ed instructor for me. I brought the word "over-thinking" to a whole new level and confess I did have my first "should have bought a motor home" moment. Ah well, many parks have drive-thru spots-- aim and fire!

Oh, one final To Do item as our countdown ticker ticks-- find a campground that has a spot available. WOW, seems like everyone who has been foreclosed on must have settled on the trailer park lifestyle, have yet to secure a place that has a spot open for our 1st week.And yes, we are aware of the Walmart free parking lots, all be it many attract the less desirable transients and because of that, many Wally Worlds have nixed RV overniters.. I have no desire to awake to three drunks crashed atop the RV roof.

To answer some of the more frequent questions we have from friends and family on what might be our last post before we start drinking $4 per gallon diesel in massive quantities:

#1-Q: How long will you be gone?
     A: Until the money runs out or until we issue a restraining order against each other.

#2 Q: Where are you going to be on what dates?
     A: Wherever the weekly forecast says: "80 degrees", you figure it out.

#3 Q:What happens if you are in your RV and are surprised by a tornado warning?
     A: We don our parachutes. 

#4 Q: Will Teri drive?
     A: She always drives, I just have the honor of holding the steering wheel.

With a forecasted high today in Austin of 95 degrees, it is time to get this nomadic adventure pointed north!

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