Sunday, April 29, 2012

Random Acts of RV'ing V 1.0

A new, irregular feature (you are welcome). There are some RV happenings that are not blog worthy, merely merit a comment. Here are 10 encounters over the past week:

A neighbor alerted us to momma blue bird who confused our hitch with a nest-ominium. In 2 days, she had a full compliment of straw in there. She was told to pay up or face eviction. Bye-bye birdy.

"Honey, I think that level bubble is off a tad".

Our first fatality. Someone didn't read the "125 lb. max weight" tag. Thanks for your collective gasp, the wife did a great job of picking the red rock out of my hair.

 We prefer camping, others like cramping.


My darling calls me Mr. Matchy-Matchy cause of my tendency to sync my cap with my shirt. Let me see---yellow head band, yellow and pink ear buds, yellow and pink top and a pink I-phone. Oh no matchy there, move along people.

You have trailer trash and then you have patriotic trailer trash. It's about the self-esteem.

Our clothing budget for the year is "0". My lovely seamstress is preparing me a pair of Daisy Dukes so I can get my strut on at Venice Beach.

While some of us save pennies in anticipation of sharing a Popsicle from an ice cream truck, there are others who evidently can buy an entire gallon.

True confessions of an RV stalker.

Teri thought this was funny commenting she could see two dumbbells in the photo.

There you go, ten gems of information that had no real value, just had to purge them from the RV brain to make room for some more.

The journey continues, day 23, from Bakersfield, CA.

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