Sunday, April 22, 2012

Not All Campgrounds Are Created Equal

Disclaimer: I gave this park a very good rating over at, but some things struck me funny. It was probably just me, you can decide. It almost felt like my twin sister called ahead and warned the staff of the arrival of the Texas RV Imbecile. "Yeah, give him a hand, he is known to confuse easily."
When we arrived in front of the office, my first thought--Woah--what is it with the 18" tall numbering at this park? Did the "International RV Assoc. for the Visually Impaired" just conclude their annual meeting? Or are those golf course pin markers? Maybe they are downhill skiing gates? I was tempted to ask Teri, "Honey, have you seen space #19? Humm, I don't see it either. Take a look at that campground map and maybe it will give us a hint." To top it off, a staff member walks over and points out the spot to you. "Thanks mam, couldn't have otherwise found it."

So that blue metal dumpster with the huge hinged lid, boxes peeking out and flies circling around is for trash? Well, yup, must be, says so right on the side of the container. That was a close call, cause I was headed that way with the laundry. Thank you sign.

Yup, do believe in zero-visibility fog I could have spotted the restrooms--from a 100 yards away. And if you read my previous post, you know that is important to me.

Looking at this, I was reminded of my 6 year old niece Brynn who loves to say "that be a good idea" as a means of influencing her request. For example, on a hot Summer day with a pool nearby, she would remark "Uncle D, it's very hot outside, you want to go swimming-- that be a good idea?" So, when I pulled up toward our spot I thought "Humm--let's put sewer ports every 6 feet, that be a good idea?" Personally, I don't find it a struggle to stretch my sewer hose 10 ft vs. 30 ft. As far as I know, every RV'er only has ONE sewer discharge on their rig, so who knows--perhaps for a family with dysentery issues?

Identical doors with one indicating Mens and the other Mens 2? It was like I was expecting Monty Hall to pop out and ask me to pick a door. Is one urinals and the other poopers, hence the 2? I entered both as I am a new generation explorer. The difference--drum roll-- nothing. Same number of urinals, commodes and shower stalls, just divided by a wall.Well, OK then.

"Keep Left"-- yes, it beats the option.

A thermometer--IN THE MENS' RESTROOMS?? Am I suppose to take action of some sort if it falls into the colored zones? Am I about to find bodies with toe tags? Maybe it's a self-service rectal thermometer? Some things are better left unlearned.

I recognize I am a charter member of the RV Club for the Challenged, but this really was laughable. It's like their insurance company said "the bigger and more frequent the signage, the lower your premiums". Or maybe it's a rehab camp for error-proned RVers (where I am soon to be sentenced).

Regardless, we had a good time in Holbrook, AZ.

And for those of you who have visited the OK RV park, this is day--

of this 1 year journey! (I hope the number was big enough).


  1. As Jeff Foxworthy would say "Here's Your Sign"

  2. Laughing out loud while Vaughn looks at me like I've lost it. Keep the stories coming!

  3. Hi Dave, I've now passed your blog link to every one around my cube so they'll quit wondering why I'm laughing so much. Praying for your travel and continued marriage status.

    Mike Trammell

  4. Thanks Mike. I am discovering Aggies have relocated everywhere....

  5. You should be in show business!! You have us both laughing!!

    1. Holbrook AZ--that park seriously cracked me up, have seen none funnier in terms of quirkiness...