Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday Tour

In light of the fact many of our friends and family may be curious and others who come over to our blog from RV forums may simply want to learn, I think I will start a Tuesday Tour weekly post to give you some insight on how we handle the various aspects of full-timing it on the road.

Today's tour: our clothing arrangement. Exciting? Actually, it took hours of planning to make this part happen. BEFORE we even bought our rig, we had to determine what clothes were staying in storage at the in-laws and what would come with us.

Other than one 'business' attire consisting of one dress pant and shirt (job interview, my own funeral after my wife kills me for various good reasons, etc), we quickly ruled out dress clothes. Also, since we are in search of the perfect weather forecast, we dropped the idea of most winter clothing. What we do have is stored in a storage tub under the RV. The result: shorts, shirts, undies, socks, shoes, jeans and skirts (hers, I am not Scottish).

I think my best strategy play was bringing 3 pairs of hiking shorts. The nylon types with multiple pockets and, most importantly, manty-liners. They serve 3 purposes--light, easy to fold/store and built in underwear.

Another consideration of limited 'road clothing' is the laundry bill. For example, at our current locale, laundry is $2 per load and the dryer is $1. So, at night, the day's clothing goes thru a 'sniff test' (video not included). We respect each others' desires and only inhale our own. If it passes, it gets restored for a second go around.  If I went out for a jog during the day, those automatically qualify for the laundry bag-- testing would be detrimental to my health. As a matter of fact, I am inclined to store them outside to keep wildlife away.

So be forewarned, photographs of us during this trip will often have the same clothing in them. If I can hack me some Photoshop, I will doctor up the colors and prints so we look 'fresh'.

The photos will give you an idea of the limited space we each have. A salute goes out to Teri who was masterful in planning and allocating space. As for the first week, I truly feel I am not lacking.

 His and her closet space in totality. I even have a bit to spare on my (left) side. (And if you know anything about the wife and I, you can guess who made that perfectly adorned bed).

 Teri has the nicely crafted, solid oak undergarment drawers. (Gorgeous faux-slate floor).

 I have the Goodwill storage drawers, two for under clothes and 1 for a pistol. Not sure what I will grab first in the event of an intruder.

The shoe organizer wisely maximizing space usage by being draped over the bathroom door. Two pairs of those shoes are mine, the remaining belong to other traveling members.

There you go, budgeting closet space. Oh,and remember me mentioning essentially no winter wear--forecast for ALBQ, NM Fri and Sat a.m.-- 31 degrees. Now honey, where is that winter storage tub at again?


  1. Yep to all that. Although, a "second go-round" often turns into "Where were we parked when I started wearing this?" Even if something is pungent at night, I give it a good airing out, and if it's fresh by morning it's kicked back into play.*

    *underwear plays by its own rules

    The Good Luck Duck

  2. @Roxanne...good stuff..and remember, when all else fails, going Commando has no rules!

  3. Discovered your blog tonight, am rolling...boy, the memories of our first days! I will be a follower. Hope to meet up with you one day!

  4. We have discovered your blog and getting caught up now with all your posts!! We remember going through a lot of this also!!

    And you tell a wonderful story. I can't stop laughing!!

  5. I just found your blog tonight and have started from your first post. A GREAT informative read for someone trying to decide what to do and what to buy. If you are looking for work after your full-timing is finished.....I suggest Stand Up RV Comedian.

    1. Ours might be for sale--in 6 mos :)...prob will be Sit Down Comedian, since that is what the wife is always tell me to do...

  6. Found your blog today, courtesy of Bhounds ;) I'm getting ready for this stage, currently getting rid of stuff and soon to put house up for sale. Trying to figure out how to pack and store most efficiently in my RV. Thanks for the laffs!

    1. Kyra, it is a process that is manageable if you proceed incrementally, which you are doing. Good luck and come back and check on us!