Thursday, April 5, 2012


I guess one almost has to do a First Day post.

The 8 ton interstate missile arrived safely and uneventfully just south of Lake Texoma, TX after a five hour, 275 mile maiden voyage. With the 6 million little residents of the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex in our rear view, I shared with Teri it will be a few months before we hit another mega-city. Thank you very much.

Without doubt, I think Teri was a bit more nervous than usual. She is usually asleep before the engine temperature hits "Normal", but today, not a single snore. She may have been a bit apprehensive about her passenger side Fred Flinstone brakes slowing us down enough.

As for me, seemed pretty basic, on the open road. However, it never fails when you see the "Warning: No Shoulders Ahead" sign that some 18 wheeler thinks he needs to come camp next door to you for 2 miles. Yes, I had visions of a rising insurance premium for a few moments.

One rookie mistake. I am not sure if some black water (urine and poop for the commoner) had seeped by the valve or what, but when we removed the cap to hook up our sewer line about a gallon spilled out---chemical and all--- onto my delicate hands. So, hand condoms are on the To Buy list and they will be donned at each hooking-up session.

Our park location seems fine. Great, shady spot. It will be much nicer once the riding lawn mower ceases. Most importantly, well to us, we have wi-fi-- we have to ween ourselves slowly, but I am sure we will still experience some internet tremors.

Time to wash the hands..for a third time. I certainly don't want a nasal infection.

Til next time.