Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Train Ride to the Big Hole.....

Roh, roh Scooby--- who forgot the camera?

J*U*S*T  K*I*D*D*I*N*G!

It wouldn't be a train ride through Arizona without a Wild West stage. I do not envy the guy who has to place the "street apples" in the center of the stage. Peeps--get your college degree.

Did someone say "bad economy"?

63 mile one way trip averaging 27 mph runs 364 days per year, ONLY 6 of those days are they powered by steam rather than diesel/veggie oil-- we were a steam day--woot! Steam train started service in 1901 at $3.75 per person, now $75.00-- those evil "Big Steam" companies!

Train entertainment-- an Indian musician outbound, country singer on return trip. And this guy even had a website-- when did the Navajos go all 21st century on us? Guess Amish web developers can't be far behind.

Fans in the desert--lizards and snakes rejoice!

Arrival! This was our very first view. As soon as your brain captures the image, it is permanently scarred into your cranium where it will remain as a free souvenir for the rest of one's life. Let the tour begin!

"Honey, About Your Girlfriend's Voice Mail" overlook.

Yes, I had to behave. Wife being all funny and stuff carrying the life insurance policy in her left hand.

Woops, where did husband go? Ka-ching!

Every once in awhile, Teri's entrepreneurial spirit flickers. She turned to me and said, "What would you think about a Zipline ride?" L-u-v it!

 I am thinking Summer Olympics-- just one year. I would pay to watch the Javelin throw. And then you get bonus points if it impales a hiker 5,000 feet below.

Anything to avoid the $25.00 National Parks admission fee.

Our host mentioned to be careful near the edges (remember, we paid $75 for such quality advice) as the Grand Canyon has had it share of deaths by fall. I won't even bother the whole Google research thing--let me guess, ages 18-30, alcohol, over zealous photographers--or a combination of such.

"Honey, do these shorts make my butt look big?" "Not with the backdrop of the Grand Canyon, babe." My so hawt wife taking in one last view (before she heads to cash in the life insurance policy).

On our return trip, two masked gunmen dismount their horses and run at the train. It seemed so real, well, until the train stopped and welcomed them aboard.

Note our host in the suspenders and how he is intervening to save the lives of his passengers. Also, based upon working in law enforcement of some sorts for 30 years, seem to recall armed robbers aren't fond of their pictures being taken. Could be wrong.

Ah yes, 18,000 gallons of water returned us home safely. Now, if I can just convert my 7.3 Ford diesel to such, we might be able to get 365 days out of this budget!

Til next time, the journey continues, day 21.

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  1. Love this ride!

    The first sight of the Canyon is a religious experience. Awesome in the conventional sense. Awesome in the modern sense, as long as your wife keeps a good grip on the policy.