Wednesday, April 4, 2012


  • 1 new bike and carrier bought, mounted--check
  • New fishing pole--check
  • Mechanical look over of truck--check
  • Dinner out with our best friends--check
  • Final hangout with our Austin kid, Austin--check (File this in "Hard to Do" file)
  • Diesel tank full--check (hope it doesn't bounce)
  • "Truck stop and rest areas" Iphone app downloaded--check
  • Roll of quarters for tollways--check
  • Oldest son Cameron mailing us his sweet Canon DSLR camera--check
  • Goodbye to the full time in-laws, part-time landlords--check
  • Starting body weight measured--WOOPS--check
  • 2 nights sleeping in the RV to learn Queen-sized bed is more Princess-sized--check
Hard to believe 2 months ago, after first negotiating the contract on our home, Teri and I sat in a Starbucks coffee shop and mapped out a plan to get to tomorrow. Our target date was April 4th-- we will be 1 day off, not bad considering the delayed closing of our homestead.

We are headed north 275 miles for our first stop, Lake Texoma, right on the Oklahoma/Texas border, where we will stay at least two nights, and perhaps up to a week if to our liking. From there, probably will trek West to avoid the Springtime tornado-alley district and stay far enough south to miss lingering cold spells (ie, Denver had snow yesterday and there was a little zephyr that puffed on the Dallas area, as you may have heard).

Teri will be using Project 365, a website for photographer's where they are challenged to take a daily picture and post it. She will link over to Facebook (I guess I will have to "Friend" her now).

We are accepting prayers for safety, financial prosperity, vehicle reliability and good health...oh, and accurate weather forecasts...


  1. We will be anxiously awaiting your updates! Very happy for you both!

  2. Praying for all good things for you both! Happy Trails to you.