Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Joy of Book Reading?

Reading books. Something I am not very fond of. This is what my wife reads:

This is what I read...instructions...sometimes.

Teri and our oldest son keep libraries open and Kindle in business. While she reads her Bible every morning, I watch on line sermons of my favorite pastors. Yes, I am heathen, hear me roar.
I brought one book with me for this year long trip. A great friend gave it to me, it is “Don’t Retire, Rewire”.  It is 265 pages long. I should be able to finish it within the time frame of our journey if I average 2/3 of 1 page a day. The first 5 pages have been very insightful, just don't tell me I was supposed to read Foreword. If it doesn't have a page number it gets no visual attention.

I despise anything fiction-- books, movies, teen promises, giving up sweets and presidential platforms. The only thing worse than reading for me personally is backing up a 5th wheeler and vehicle repair issues. Some parts of this trip may be unpleasant.

I would rather attempt to write. If you don't want to read this, I don't blame you.

The journey continues, day 8 complete. Time some TV.


  1. I read the Bible once or twice. It's pretty long, and it's hard to follow the plot. Just skip to the last page.

  2. The Bible? I always got stuck at the "begats"

    I fully endorse reading Road Signs though. Good stuff, right there.