Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Humm....which one?

We have contemplated what mode of RV to purchase now for 4+ months and have gone full circle. The only type we have ruled out--travel trailer-- just a bit too much instability for our taste on the USA autobahn.

What we have narrowed down:

1) Fifth-wheeler being pulled by a 3/4+ ton pickup (that we have yet to acquire to leave #2 and #3 possibilities open). 
Good: only one engine to deal with and we would have local vehicle. 
Bad: Diesel is $4+ per gal, although improved mileage might offset and we would have to spend $1K to get hitch installed. Also, budget-wise, any diesel vehicle would have 100K miles, all be it that is about 50% use for such a vehicle.
2) Motor home (gas) towing our 1996 Mazda pickup behind it. 
Good: No decision to make on a pickup and local/rescue vehicle always attached. 
Bad: 2 engines to worry about, plus spending another $2K to set up tow system, plus insurance on both and all be it cheaper per gallon, mileage with gas engine will suffer.
3) Motor home sans pickup, but with bikes: 
Good: we could leave as soon as Mazda pickup sold, which should be quick. 
Bad: No local vehicle, but could use Enterprise rent-a-car when we desired. If we broke down on side of road with no cell coverage, Teri would have a long bike ride in a lightening-filled sky seeking an ATT ping. I would have to stay behind to protect the cold beverages. Good: Exercise for Teri. Bad: Sleeping outside for Dave.

It is rather interesting how our quest for simplicity has complicated this process. We have very little obsession over floor plans and age, so we are open to almost anything that appears dependable, which means there is a ton to choose from. Translated: HOW DOES ONE DECIDE?

Ultimately, our my goal is to make a wise investment as the proceeds we are using are from our home sale and, if once this adventure ends, we will need to recoup much of the money spent to buy a stick home...again.

We spent 2 hours at two different lots in Houston about 1 mile apart, a couple of possibilities at one lot. In 16 hours, 415 units, not a single one new, will be amassed in one tarred pasture at PPL.

Essentially, we are about to become kids in a candy store...

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  1. I will sell you our hitch for 1/2 price of a new one.