Thursday, May 3, 2012

Monterey Bay!

My dashboard co-pilot delights in spotting her first, large body of water since this adventure began!

And I delight when it appears that "Magella" is accurate--the map matches the windshield! The usual morning Pacific haze that burnt off after a couple hours was the only imperfection of the otherwise glorious day.

My flower child in the flowers. Finally, she got a chance to break in her new bike as we cycled the route rather than driving it, with of course many stops in between. To take the infamous "17 Mile Drive" around Pebble Beach in a car, you are charged $9.50 (Welcome to California) or you can bike the route for free. We chose free.

Yes, another new bike in the family. Didn't find one til we got to Bakersfield, CA., but I am set now. Perhaps another 5,000 miles like the previous Diamondback that toured me through Denver for 5 years--let's hope so.

Chained up the bikes and took a walk in their market area. EVERYTHING does go better with bacon!

NO VACANCY at the Harbor Seal Tanning Salon. Incredible, I found an animal who has a better gig than a dog! And listening  to them "bark and belch" as a group, it was like they were doing a group hurl after a bad night at a Mexican food joint.

Our view outside at Kocomo's for lunch.

Our view inside. Clam chowder, a smoked salmon sandwich and a crab+shrimp sandwich. The stomach smiled.

As was our luck arriving to the Grand Canyon during free National Parks Week, this week is John Steinback Festival Week in Monterey. 

The day turned absolutely gorgeous by 1pm or so. With the sun, the hue of water transitioned to a deep, rich navy blue. 

Don't blame him. Who wants to pay those high tourist prices for lunch when you can bring your own spear to the party!

 Serenity. With the back drop of peninsula and the mountains, it was like a post card.

Well, so much for the serenity. At the 7 mile mark, Teri started to feel some discomfort in the hither regions. I commented that I was on the Ronco Hemorrhoid Agitator 1000 bike seat (left) and she not only has a cruiser seat, but also an after-market Bell padded seat. Her retort, "Yeah, but you don't have a vagina!". Them fighting words.

"Monterey Engine #64, respond to the Monterey Bay Coastal trail, have a report of a bicyclist with an injured Va-jay-jay". Medics got on scene and wrote out a pain prescription.

(Disclaimer: This blog's high ethical standards has deemed words used by physicians and Oprah as acceptable).

Prescription filled. All better. Although she is still not walking quite right. Wait til tomorrow morning, may have to get that prescription refilled.

4 weeks today we began this journey and it has been a marvelous one!

Thanks for checking in on us. Off to San Fran in the a.m........

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  1. I would have to say Monterey was a very nice place as well. Talk about a transient... Those would be the seals. Laying around all day soaking up the sun. Cant say that my Garmin works any better but when I do listen to her she always gets me there after traveling a route I may have never traveled.