Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Random Acts of RV'ing V2.0

Version deaux of useless RV info over the past couple of weeks. Inside view of the oft not so glamorous lifestyle of full-time RV'ing.

California started off so promising. Picked these 2 jewels right at the RV park day 1 in Bakersfield, CA.

And then it all went so terribly good bad. We met up with a friend of Teri's and her family-she a Mexican "chef" who is married to an award winning BBQ'er, both skills automatically qualifying them to be Texans. We ended our visit at Rosemary's in Bakersfield where you actually sit down and are waited on at this delight-full creamery. They take ice-cream making there seriously and their serving sizes--huge--had a passing moment of actually sharing one. Fortunately, the thought dismissed itself rather quickly.

"Shushhh-- we aren't telling the other 49 states".

I am not sure what this bird was chasing, but it must have been exciting----until the moment he slammed into our 12 foot tall trailer. Funeral services pending.

Dave's nose wipes. Teri's colorful, eclectic living room decor.

60's hippie chick keeps stalking me.

"Absolutely no clothes hanging outside". Yet another typical RV park regulation. How about this for a compromise--"Nude Swimming Permitted". Problem solved and I don't have to use my truck mirrors to defy you!

Jayco Manufacturing design flaw or sense of humor? Regardless, when I make the bed, I am not real warm to the idea of being rectally probed by the window's emergency evacuation handle.

Due to the state's mismanaged financial situation, the "Welcome to California" signs at the state's entry points have been replaced by more economical signage.

When I say "useless information", I am serious. Day 34, the  journey continues from beautiful Lake Shasta, CA...


  1. What a GREAT way to wake up. Your posts always make me smile. I have subscribed to your blog so many mornings start with a laugh. Thanks!

    My blog is not nearly a much fun, but if you ever wish to take a look it is:

    1. Thanks David. Everyone has something to add with their own perspective, hence I will follow your blog!

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