Sunday, May 27, 2012

Random Acts of Rv'ing V 4.0

V 4.0 of "firsts" to us, but perhaps useless information to you, as we travel across the good ole USA. Sights and information seldom shared by those on a full time RV journey--attempt to enjoy.

Boon-docking in the RV world is the ability to park your rig on a parcel that will not charge for your presence. Most RV'ers seek out a place that is remote, scenic and perhaps amongst wildlife. We boon-docked in the parking lot of the Wildhorse Casino in Pendleton, Oregon. In our world, a wild horse on a logo qualified for wildlife and the wi-fi signal was quite remote, like only "2 bars" worth. Sort of felt like Moses wandering in the wilderness. I am thinking loon-dockers is a better fit for us.

As I may have mentioned in an earlier post (translate: to lazy to check), this is our first diesel vehicle and I was very concerned about reaching for the wrong nozzle after pumping gasoline exclusively for the past 36 years.The streak is alive-- 3,000+ miles, 270 gallons of chocolate gold, and no mistakes. I give credit to the Cliff Note inside of my fuel lid to remind me "green handle only"!

"Let's see---with our monster tow vehicle, how we gonna pay for the diesel?" Oh, let's sell beads and Scentsy candles! Strangely enough (to me), why a billboard ad on your front cap of the 5th wheeler where its view is obscured by the monster truck and the back end completely bare? I guess they forgot about the number of folks that would be passing them on the interstates. Things to ponder (but not for very long). I do though like the strategy of the separate bedroom--the truck sleeper!

I don't want to rush to pass judgment, but I will. Who the heck mounts their roof access ladder in the MIDDLE of their rear picture window? Nothing like being backed up onto a scenic river bank having to pretzel neck around the steps to see the view.

Since I originally thought RV meant Retarded Vagabonder, I created a checklist. I guess it is the "aviation interest" in me understanding you can never be too safe. This is ours for hitching up on a travel day and it rests on a clipboard inside the truck. Teri also has one for the inside. This is all to prevent the horror stories of coming unhitched while moving, air vents blowing off the top of your roof, TV antennas twirling like helicopter blades, trailer steps bouncing off the curb, pulling out of  your space still plugged into electric, etc. Yes, PRAY is the final step-- it never hurts.

Some RV parks take leveling their rock bed parking sites a bit more serious than others. A pavement roller owned by the campground, must have been some discretionary spending monies left in last year's budget.

Hiking gear that did NOT make The North Face 2012 summer catalog. (In fairness to the Mrs., which I am all seldom about, this was an unannounced visit into the dense jungle).

And from the patriotic RV community this Memorial Day, we pay tribute to our military personnel who have paid the ultimate price to protect our freedoms--including the freedom to write ridiculous blogs like this. Salute!

There you go my dear followers, 2 minutes of your life that will never be returned to you.
Journey continues, day 53, from Caldwell, Idaho.


  1. Loondocking under a wildhorse on a logo – made me spit my coffee – thanks a lot! LOL! I love the lists and the reminders – that is so me! A friend just told me yesterday their story of leaving the back levels down on their first time out. Scares me to death. Do you think Teri would mind sharing her inside prep list? That would be awesome.

    The “whacked” pics also cracked me up. Thanks for sharing. I love this blog!!!

    Teri has left a few comments on my blog – much appreciated BTW, but I lost track of your blog for awhile. Finally found her original comment that listed your link. Please let her know that when she leaves comments and people (like me, LOL) click on her name, that your new blog (this one) is not listed. Glad I found you guys again.

    Keep up the retarded vagabonding! :)

    1. Glad you enjoy Debra. Have fwded your requests to Teri.